Level 20 training camp

I think that’s the point I’ve reached too. I was just curious to see what other players thought was reasonable and 20 days seems to be a good number.

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I’m not running TC20 at all anymore. I have 4 maxed camps. 1 is running TC12 to store food and recruits, and is queued up for a month. The other 3 are running TC11 while I build back my stock of rugged clothes, backpacks and swords. I currently have at least 3-4 4 or 5* heroes of each color waiting to level, so all I need are feeders and the food to use them.


I honestly never thought I’d ever see the day I wouldn’t run a level 20 camp. Well, I’m there now!

I’m furiously trying to back them out but I keep running into my hero cap (no food to feed them), or my housing (too full).

It’s an interesting problem to have - too many recruits :smiley:

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That’s why I stick them in guaranteed rare (I think it is TC12). I know I’m just getting expensive feeders, but it’s a little more efficient than tc20

Thanks, I’ll try that too.

I usually keep a single camp running, Legendary training at 200 days or a 24.7 million food hoard. The remaining recruits go into extra low cost training (RT11) in the other three camps ( maximum Hero XP per recruit ).

Until a complication involving the second builder, I had 136 days of uncollected Legendary training. Heads up, be very very careful when upgrading a level 11 training camp that contains uncollected 1*/ 2* heroes.


With all that new heroes with fast and very fast mana I think that the TC20 is lost in the jungle…

In TC20, most of the heroes are slow, or unbalanced against the new army of 5* Heroes.

Don’t you think it is time, some of the new heroes to be added to the TC20 ? After all there are a lot of F2P gamers.

What do you think guys?


It´s a very good idea, i think

Great but … what heroes?

Event heroes? Nope, people will pay to get them.
Seasonal heroes? Nope, people will pay to get them.
Monthly heroes? Nope, people will pay to get them.
Atlantis heroes? Nope, people will pay to get them.



I agree. I would add at least HotMs to TC 20 :wink:

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No to all… And the game will die very quickly.
TC20 heroes have power from 752 (Joon for example) to 758 (Elkanen, yes, himself).
They have 1 to 3 skills (1 for Thorne for example, just dealing damages, and 3 for Vivica, with heal, cure ailments and add bonus def).

Month heroes, event heroes, …,have power from 765 to 780, and growing. And 2, 3, 4, more skills, and Will have also soon permanent immunities.
In one year what ? Heroes with 800+ power, very very very Fast (3 Tiles to load), 10 skills, kill all the enemies in one shot ?
Just ridiculous, and all F2P players (including me) Will leave cause the game is not balanced anymore.
The simple fact that there are more 5* heroes than 4* and 3* together (reverse pyramidal hierarchy) is a clue that something is wrong.
Add 4* monthly heroes instead of always creating stronger 5*… that leave TC20 heroes obsolete.


Following this path we need to remove TC20 to make players pay for regular heroes too. But it will be absurd.

Introducing some former HOTM to TC20 of any level or to any other new building will not stop people from doing summons, because it’s a much faster way of getting 5* than month by month trainings.


No, we need to have something for F2P players to make them C2P players after after they have exhausted all the TC20 resources…

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There is plenty of it. Special event heroes, Atlantis heroes… Adding some old HOTM to training camp will not make the rest of heroes less attractive for summoning. Elemental summons, for example, give you only heroes that can be trained in TC20 still they are available and used.

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Different people, different views, different opinions… That was only my point of view.

Honestly I hope they will do what you said :slight_smile:

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==Class system==

The new skill tree will allow for a rumored Quintus that can slow mana gain on heroes hit by his physical damage/ shield/ board matches ( not dependent on his mana speed ). Players will be able to increase Quintus’s attack stat and crit, or defense and HP or a balance of both bringing him up to the equivalent of a 6 star hero.

==Diluting summing pools==

Adding 5* heroes will dilute the current good 5* heroes like Joon.

Legendary training is mainly for 4* heroes ( approximately every ten days ) and even adding to the 4* summons pool will dilute them.

You easily see this when people complain about pulling Ulmer from Atlantis 350g summons.

We need something like color training for 4*/ 5* heroes, trade among friends, new training with different pools, etc.

We will see what the Devs come up with after they get classes to the live server.


As a f2p player i would like one of each 5* color to be added to tc20 once per 6/12 months…

but let me rephrase your question? from sg pov :stuck_out_tongue:
“SG, Don’t you think it is time, you diminish your profit? After all there are a lot of F2P gamers who dont invest money in your game and arent a lot of money splash gamers.”

ideea created here:

If the skill tree make it so 4 stars can stop being one shot by 5 stars and added skill abilities, then problems will solve themselves. Those who have skill will learn to take advantage of the skill trees for all heroes and use duplicates for separate builds.

For every FTP player who leaves (not spending a dime) another comes along for the same ride.

I don’t see much of them, as their are only two totally FTP in our alliance and this isn’t an MMO where we can go back and bully new players without leaving an alliance and joining a smaller which would not help you as lower titans and what not have less ascension items.

Like it or not the model SG has allows them guage how there spenders are doing and make sure classes of players who do not need to be playing together get proper seperation. This allows them to continue making great revenues that everyone can see has been used for the game, as the recent updates have been sweet.

A new player coming into the game now after season 2 has been out for a while has so many more options than when I started almost a year ago. People can now level up in half the time with the ease of farming backpacks. They have chances to roll for heroes that for 8ver 6 months none if us had ago chance of getting (old HOTM), lots of new characters from season 2 itself nit to mention learning to use the old ones.

New players have an adundance of things to do, more quests, options to get acension items much faster and all of the knowledge from the player base to prevent them from making huge budgeting mistakes early players faced

FTP has almost 100% more content easier leveling and tons more heroes to save to go after. SG has “donated” enough to FTP either join the players and become at least c2p or let someone else come in who will.

Yes it’s a game but it’s also a business, you can’t bowl, roller skate, ski at a resort for free. U have to pay an entry fee to an amusement park, movie theatre, and even a library has late fees.

FTP should be thankful not complaining


This doesnt sound to well; to be honest… :confused:

I think that all have the right to complain and all should be thankfull for this game.

The joy of playing this game makes equall enough all 3 types of player; money shoudn’t separate them in categories from this pov. :wink:


I suggested a while ago that they could add in new “standard” heroes at a rate of 1 every month for 5 months.

It may even make some of the players who have been playing for a while actually start using their TC20 again.

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