Level 20 training camp

Does the level 20 training camp ever drop the monthly exclusive hero?
If not then it would be nice if it did. Also the special heroes should have a chance to drop during the event time also. Not say everyone should get them. But, it would be nice if we had a chance anyways. Just a thought.


No, it only drops standard heroes. There have been a number of suggestions to add old HotMs to the tc20 pool after 4-6 months, but I doubt SG will ever do that.


Thats kind of a shame.

Someone in my alliance got Aeron from lvl 20 training

@Glenn Not possible . Pics or it didn’t happen


Aeron isn’t available from TC20 stop spreading false information, old HOTM will be available in season 2 through the new atlantis summon


Could have been a glitch but it happened.

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Ok, everyone takes pics of their heros and keeps them for months on end. Lol

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If it’s not possible, it’s not possible


Sure, your alliance mate must have one of those special accounts that get stuff nobody else does

I heard at least one other rumor of this happening (no pics then).

If an assertion is made of something that violates Game physics as we know them, we’re gonna demand proof. But let’s be civil, always, shall we?


Even if they don’t have a pic. It could be possible with the amount of glitches that this game has had. The system might have dropped one when it shouldn’t have. Just a thought.


What do players think is a reasonable amount of days running on each level 20 training camp?

I’ve cut mine back to 49 days (24 heroes in training) on each of two camps. It was getting crazy, 68 days of training, etc.

My level 4 and 11 camps are already going at 20 days so I’ve started pulling out of level 20, building troops, and keeping the lower camps going.

I used to think players saying they weren’t training level 20 anymore (for a while anyway), were nuts. Why wouldn’t they keep building for the chance of 5 stars. Now I know why! I’ve got SO many 4 and 5 stars that will take me forever to level up.

Any more tips you can add?

What are you aiming for or which hero do you want?

I’m levelling Magni and Zim so my stock of TC20 heroes for 2 camps is about 20 days. It was previously about 40 or 50 days each and before my pull my third TC 20 was at about 4 days.

It sounds like you’ve reached a stage where you have most of the 5*s you want so I’m not sure what you’re after.

I think I’ve just stopped chasing 5 stars for now. I’ve got some really nice 4 and 5 stars already and getting a 3 star from level 20 training every two days, just feels inefficient.

I think 20 days for each of my level 20 training camps seems more reasonable but I thought perhaps I was missing something.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed something :grin:

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I have 21 day’s going on my tc20 with 8 hero’s ready to pull out. 52 days on 2 other tc11 with 550 hero’s ready to pull out. My fourth is only hours. It is the tc I switch up from 1,2,11,&19. Depending on materials. Now I don’t have a need for anything out of tc20. It’s more a spot for me to store recruits and food. So when I get a very desired hero, i.e. guin or panther, I can power level them. In which the extra food and hero’s will be of use.

I think that’s the point I’ve reached too. I was just curious to see what other players thought was reasonable and 20 days seems to be a good number.

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I’m not running TC20 at all anymore. I have 4 maxed camps. 1 is running TC12 to store food and recruits, and is queued up for a month. The other 3 are running TC11 while I build back my stock of rugged clothes, backpacks and swords. I currently have at least 3-4 4 or 5* heroes of each color waiting to level, so all I need are feeders and the food to use them.


I honestly never thought I’d ever see the day I wouldn’t run a level 20 camp. Well, I’m there now!

I’m furiously trying to back them out but I keep running into my hero cap (no food to feed them), or my housing (too full).

It’s an interesting problem to have - too many recruits :smiley:

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That’s why I stick them in guaranteed rare (I think it is TC12). I know I’m just getting expensive feeders, but it’s a little more efficient than tc20

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