Level 20 training camp not producing legendary characters

For three out of the last five days, my level 20 training camp has counted down training a legendary character but no character has appeared to claim. Anyone else having the same issue? I know I’m not going mad and forgetting as my phone has been off today and no character appeared

Please review other’s results to answer your question.

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Also, ignore the fact I trained a 5* on my first attempt. That is an aberration.

Are you not receiving any hero at all? If so, that’s a bug and you should submit a support ticket. If you are receiving heroes, just not 5*, then you need to understand how the TC works

whoops, I may have misunderstood the issue, unless the OP is expecting a legendary character (aka 5*) to be trained everytime.

I’m not receiving a character at all on the days I’ve mentioned. Not sure how to raise a ticket


There you go.

Some of the info requested is in the options/about screen


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