Level 20 emblems for Jabberwock?

Hi all,

Level 20 emblems gives a 4% mana boost … with Jabberwock being Fast mana and already I put level 29 mana troops on him, is it worth giving him the 4% mana boost at level 20 emblem?

Thanks in advance!

4% mana boost will drop the troop required to “mana break” jabberwock from a Level 29 Mana troop down to a Level 17 one.

A L17 mana troop is far more achievable BUT 250 emblems is a lot… So does shaving 1 tile off an already fast hero give sufficient value to 250 emblems…? Well that’s the question :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO the answer is no. You’d be better off spendng those 250 emblems giving nodes to another monk you use frequently.

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I agree with everything @Guvnor said, but I usually still want to raise from level 19 to 20 to “finish” the hero that’s so close. But for some heroes, especially the ones with a mana boost at level 20 like Jabberwock, there’s no real gain.

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plus, with troops level 29, the %4 mana generation won’t have impact on defense unless you pair him with 3 other wonderland heros to get extra %7 mana generation on top of it making him charge up in 6.5 tiles

On defence, the mana generation works very differently to on offence. There are other threads which discuss it in much much more detail but the TLDR is that:

  1. defence has a passive mana gain per turn
  2. defence gains mana for tiles that “hit” the hero (both active and non-active tiles)
  3. amount of mana per tile hitting decays with tile cascades.
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that is true

i was more focused on the fact that each tile hit the hero is 0.5 tiles the firsr combo and each turn is 1 tile.

assessment after that isn’t consistently reliable to make a conclusion in my opinion unless i missed something

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