Level 20-4 - Lesser Fire Elemental with Harmonic Slam does not miss me when firing it's special, ever, when blinded

Hi All - I noticed a while back, and have tried it with 100 arrow attacks over the last few months farming 20-4, that when blinded, the lesser fire elemental with harmonic slam as it’s special has never, ever, missed me when firing harmonic slam at me while blinded.

I haven’t really paid attention to the one with Fireball, but then again, Harmonic Slam is the really annoying one to deal with so I pay it the most attention :slight_smile:

I know higher Titans are not as vulnerable to items (and specials) than lesser titans. Perhaps the same applies to higher map level enemies?

Possibly - I did test the fireball skill - that CAN miss, so it’s only the harmonic slammers that have not missed me (they hot me again with it while the fireballer missed).

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