Level 100 club 💯

Thank you :handshake::tada:

We are on slightly same time line took me 4 and half year but yeah the game progression is very slow no short cut we can speed up little bit but going through long process need constant effort :100:

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I started late Feb 2018 and just reached level 83.

As I recently said to an alliance mate who reached 100 “I’ll be there in a couple more years – maybe”.


Sadly, that image crops out the beginning of the quote :cry:
The full version is…

There are also other variations to this. Such as…

Keep grinding hard !!

Then you are not invited lol😁

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As I am “only” level 85, I doubt that I will ever actually meet the qualifying criteria :rofl:.

I’d be a lot higher if I hadn’t lost interest in grinding.

Currently at level 105, I got lvl 100 last October. And Congrats on level :100: :blush::+1:


Reached Level 100 a few weeks back never knew reaching Level100 would give me a silver token and a out dated avatar. Oh yes and 10 gems. Playing over 5 years and thats the reward. Why cant we receive a guaranteed 5 star token to be used in any portel. Give me different avatars to select one from and 20 free extra roster space. The reward for reaching level 100 must be a thank you from SG too players that grafted years too reach that level. Just my 5cent towards this topic.


Well, if I remember correctly somewhere after 100th lvl once in X levels you get better loot…
Lemme just found the quote
Edit: Jesus, it took me 20 minutes to found that, but finally found it

Level 101 gives an EHT(instead of normal token) and more amount of diamonds


Riverwind - played since June 2018.

Feeling so old now. Hahaha.


Each level above 100 gives you EHT… :wink:
I played since july (maybe june) 2019…

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I’ll take the extra 12 ehts per year… But… Maybe mix in a legendary time of experience… A lil something for the effort.

They’re greedy they won’t reward us that much stufffor sure and level :100: is definitely long run they should little lovable towards players for sticking that long with one game