Level 100 & beyond rewards

I recently reached level 100. I received the items pictured. Along with a pop up notification that I never had an opportunity to read. The game glitched and reset shortly after it popped up.

Now that I have finally reached my level endeavor, I just finished season II hard mode. The rewards were spectacular. For placing high in challenge events, the rewards are awesome. Why have such underwhelming rewards for reaching level 100?

Why not motivate all players to keep playing and make one of their goal in the game to reach level 100? Have a special icon along with some of the rewards other challenge and quests give. It takes gems to grind and refresh your energy frequently so the more people who make it a goal to reach that level milestone, the more gems that will be purchased. Maybe consider levels after 100. It will take me 4 million experience to reach level 101. Being motivated to reach level 125, 150, 175, 200 and beyond should be worth something more than what level 100 gave.

Motivate players to stay in the game frequently and grind. Give us a reason to stay with Puzzles and Empires and level up as fast as we can.

Thank you for reading my suggestion :blush:

Congratulations well done on the level 100


I support loyalty rewards. Reaching level 100 is an incredible achievement.

PS Happy cake day @JGE


I certainly agree that the loyalty rewards should be better. You got my vote.


@BadForBusiness truly an impressive achievement. I just hit level 60 and have felt and expressed it since I hit level 50. The rewards are paltry at best.


I just reached level 56, casually playing for one month shy of 2 years. i can’t imagine the effort to get to 100.

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I would vote for this but I’m running out of votes (and I’m really far away from 100, lol).

100 should be something special.


I also agree, the milestone levels should be rewarded better. Not only level 100, also as example level 50. I could imagine a golden coin at least and 50 gems for each 10 levels and for 50 some more. After level 30 it’s not like u level up every day, so even with better rewards its still not like those rewards would be a problem for competition or income via purchases.


Something similar has been suggested before as well as a discussion thread on the topic:

Request to make them better:

Discussion thread:

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You defo have my vote congrats :partying_face:


Hey, first of all, congrats, @BadForBusiness, for reaching 100. I don’t mean to rain on your parade, I also think loyalty should be rewarded and rewards for level 100 are a joke, but there’s a few thoughts I’d like to share on this matter, not regarding you in particular, but all players that chase experience…Of course, reaching 100 is a rare thing at this moment, but in time it will become more and more common, as experience comes out of map grinding that only requires WE flasks and loot tickets, so, basically it’s unlimited if you’re willing to spend for it… I guess, upcoming season three will come along with levels that will bring better and better xp / we ratios, allowing the xp chasers to advance even faster. Currently the best ratio all round the game seems to be event rare 3 with 975 xp / we, but that’s hard to take advantage of, as it’s only available inside of a narrow time frame each month and it actually takes time to auto - play, so I guess people who want to advance fast will focus on the most xp / loot ticket level, which currently is hard mode Ursena (4650 / loot ticket).
There is, somewhere on this forum, a list of the player level progression and rewards, which I found very interesting and useful for lower level players, and I’d like to congratulate those who took part in creating it, but, unfortunately, even now, when there’s lots of high level (80+) players, the list isn’t updated passed mid level 60’s…

Yep, I agree that the rewards for 100 should be improved. Completing Season 2 (both normal and hard mode) is really the one time I think SGG really got it right and I think I remember correctly when I say the rewards were met with universal approval. Given the length of time needed to complete season 2 and to get to level 100 it doesn’t feel unreasonable to ask for something comparable (or at least more than a normal level up).


Do you have I any tips or suggestions on how we can achieve your level of greatness. What regime did you have every day to get you this awesome

Well said Ian, some feats are just personal goals and anyone can make those. I dont feel like this warrants anything other than a congratulations and nice work farming, i dont see what kind of reward other than a badge that goes by your name or something.

Nicely done, and I fully agree that the rewards should be better, starting at certain level. It is not easy to level up (on level 60 it happens to me 2-3 per month) so I little more reward to cheer up wouldn’t come unnoticed. Not expecting Damascus but a golden coin or something.

Problem is they would probably be expected to grant them retroactivelly and that would mean throwing a lot of those at people which I can understand they may be reluctant. I guess they didn’t plan for people to reach beyond 30-50 when they initially launched the game, so never really thought this one through.

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@BadForBusiness We are currently seeing an alternate version of the Vivica avatar on two lvl100+ players. Any chance they’ve given those players (lvl100+) the special avatar as a reward? Can you confirm / deny? :slight_smile:


Yep, I confirmed it here:


Id be very pleased of receiving the lvl only for the WE available !

Here it is :blush:


Something for me to work for