Level 10 to 11* titans

There seems to be too much a gap between defeating a10* titan to 11* titan. Can’t this be corrected.

Your request seems pretty vague. It may help if you add some examples, screenshots and/or math to this. Perhaps players would understand what exactly needs fixed.


Sure thing. I’ve only been on here for an hour so I’ll try to get more data but we’re demolishing 10* titans and only getting about 1/2 to 3/4 damage at best as a team on 11* titans… for now I hope that helps

My alliance is on the same boat… with 12*. It just means that (1) people need to level more, (2) people need to use items better, (3) people need more appropriate heroes, (4) people need to actively use their flags, (5) people need to learn to ply titans a bit more strategic, or similar.

It’s part of the grind. Going from one step to the next. If your alliance stays together and continues to grow, you’ll down them soon enough.


We have the same struggle sometimes. A noticed that there are lot of factors to why this may be…
-varying levels of alliance members
-color of the titan. Some colors people do better on then others
-overall flag usage by everyone. When you have several people flag sitting for a huge chunk of the titan time it can make a huge difference

  • And sometimes your heroes and overall power may still be kinda in between so one levelntitan will go down super fast but then you struggle with good hits on the next level.

Just keep grinding those heroes and look for resources to help build better hero combos for titans

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