Level 10 stronghold & barracks


This is probably a dumb nooby question, but here it goes… I’m collecting the iron to upgrade my Stronghold to level 10. I’ve seen players say to convert a forge (I only have 3 level 7 forges). Wouldn’t it make more sense to convert a troop house into a barracks? Converting iron/food production or storage makes no sense to me. And converting a craft building doesn’t make sense either… Is there a reason why I shouldn’t convert a troop house into a barracks!


It’s up to you, but I had originally converted a farm to my barracks but I began having food problems. So I converted a forge. I already had 3 and they mostly sit idle because they work a lot faster than I can consume the items they make, but it’s nice to have recruit storage capacity with the houses. If I want to level someone quickly, I just farm 8-7 a bunch of times without having to switch out to put recruits in the training queue because I’m out of storage. YMMV.


You are correct regarding the Mines and Farms. Leave them as is and use a Forge. Forges work really fast and you will rarely need more than two at a time unless you are doing something wrong anyway. Recruit houses determine how many recruits you can hold at a given time and that becomes more important once your training grounds become more developed. You could do that for now and then move it to a forge later on when you need the extra room to hold recruits, but I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t just start out with your barracks on a forge and not have to move it at all.


Say, what did you do with 3 forges that can’t be done with 2?


By the time you finish building your stronghold, you will have four forges, and proably won’t have nearly the crafting materials you need to keep more than two in use at a time. Assuming you’re lucky that is. I go days without crafting anything except to use up spare iron. Even with a forge converted to a barracks, you’ll definitely have spare crafting capacity.
Troop houses are worth keeping because to use higher levels of training camps you need the capacity to store large numbers of recruits, and it’s cheaper and faster to improve a larger number of houses a smaller amount than a smaller number of houses a larger amount.

Edit: The only thing I can think of to do with three forges over two is to have two forges crafting while the builder is working on the third.


I just realized that what I’m referring to above as “Forges” are actually “Mines”… I figured out how to keep my current housing by throwing up 1 more food storage and leveling it to 5. I do have 3 Forges: use 2 to craft as I’m leveling the 3rd (I realize the items need to craft will become harder to come by as I progress, but I still like having my 3 forges for now)

Thank you all for your help and input ~ Happy Gaming!!!


At some point, you will have a total of four Forges, leaving three to churn out goodies while the last is used as a Barracks.

If you want to try using a house instead, go for it.

To my knowledge, you should no longer be able to use a food or iron storage for the Barracks.


Honestly you have no need for 4 forges…2 at most is sufficient so that is why nearly everyone recommends converting a forge to a barracks


As I stated above: I have 3 forges (as I’m new I was confusing mines with forges), and unless the game forces me to create a 4th forge, I’ll have 3 forges. I already created an extra level 5 farm… Thank you all for your help and input ~ Happy Gaming =)


I doubt you will be forced to build an extra forge, but you’ll end up with an unused slot for a building as you also won’t be able to build anything other than a forge.


Just in case it isn’t clear, by the time you’ve filled up every space, you will have identical buildings to everyone else playing this game. The idea that you have a choice in what to build is just an illusion, everyone ends up with the exact same thing. The only choice is which building you decide to convert to a barracks. Really the only answer is a forge. In late game you have potential use for everything else, with the exception of forges. You will never, ever need 4 forges.