Level 10 knights of avalon

After over an hour I had to stop the fight with the last boss my phone was overheating. Did anyone else run into this?


Welcome @Alexanka4u :slightly_smiling_face:

Isn’t a bug, it’s just funny.
Try again and you’ll win.
Take a red instead of Isarnia.
Boldtusk would be a good idea.
Bombs and Dragons will help to get rid of those annoying minions.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean Ariel?

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Yes, for sure. :blush:

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Try to change quintus with wukong if you have.
And change horghall with another red damage dealer hero such as kelile, gormek, or colen.

As others have stated, it’s not a bug.

My suggestion is not to run a rainbow team for events. Stack strong for the colors of the bosses. You can see who you will be fighting on the opening screen, or you can check almost everything you’ll be fighting in advance here:

Look at the first graphic and it breaks down the enemies you’ll face as well.


Not for the Challenge Events. The only thing it lets you view in the opening screen is the team you are taking into battle with the opportunity to edit the team.

Here is where @Mariamne’s Stage Guide comes in handy.

Good catch, ty @Mothra!

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