Lev 19 emblem decisions


Need some help with my level 19 emblem choices for a few hero’s…

Vela Critical bonus or defence

Seshat Health or healing

Telly Mana bonus 2%(I do not have 4 star mana troop) or Critical attack

Ariel Critical bonus (no) or mana boost (I have lev 23 mana troop) or don’t bother save em for another hero.

Thanks for your feedback!

I’d go

Crit (but both are useful)

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Vela- Defense node (especially if you’re using her on defense), it will make her harder to kill; the critical chance is too small to help you on offense or defense. Also special skill damage isn’t affected by critical chance
Telluria- go with mana node because you might get your green mana troop and with a level 17 mana troop you’ll charge her in 9 tiles. The critical chance doesn’t help her at all since her damage is so low. Don’t stop at this node because the last node gives Telluria a huge defense boost
Seshat- Health because it will boost her defensive stats and her minion(s)
Ariel- She’s good at 18, give the emblems to another hero