Letting TC20 build up before pulling

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but is there any real benefit to letting a TC20 build up for a couple weeks before pulling from it? I have two going that drop within 30 min of each other, and check them every two days. Is there any chance that they will yield better results if I let them build up a couple weeks worth of heroes before pulling? I am assuming the short answer would be no.

Nope. Your heroes are set in stone once the cooking time is over for that particular training. So even if we pull after a month, the results are not going to change. :slight_smile:



If you do not have two good rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, then if you wait until you have ten heroes ready ( twenty days for a single Legendary training), you have a 94% chance of pulling a 4* / 5* hero and a 6% chance of only pulling 3* heroes. So you are less likely to throw your phone.

Free Storage

Most of your summons will be 3* heroes. Waiting until you are leveling a hero at level 50, 60, or 70 will help reduce food costs ( especially for 5* heroes) while taking zero roster slots.

I collected from my Legendary training when I, off color, 1 day, power leveled purple 4* Proteus and again with red 4* Wilbur ( the only two heroes I have done this for since I was lucky with Classic 4* heroes, 3* ascension items and I hate wasting recruits or Hero XP ).

I am also saving my silver summons tokens since they can occasionally summon a 3* hero.

Hero Academy

Even the Devs have no idea what Hero Academy does. But Dev Tim hopes to find a use for duplicates before trade is added. In case Tim succeeds, instead of pulling my 13th Melendor, or 30th Jahangir, I am letting my Legendary training accumulate.

Schroeder’s Cat People or Azlar is both summoned and not summoned

The heroes are not selected until you collect them.

@Kerridoc got yellow 5* Joon from his Beta server account, and a 3* hero from his live server account, from the same Legendary training, if I remember the story correctly.


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That is what I was thinking, because of the way that they load up. It takes a couple seconds for them to appear, and I didn’t think that wait time was to build up suspense, but rather the RNG figuring out which hero you would be getting (that still might not be the case though).

That is a pretty good benefit right there :wink: I also like the idea of using it for storing a bunch of heroes for power leveling. Thanks for the input!

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The downside of not collecting your TC20 winnings when available is that you may be delaying by weeks when you have a shiny new hero leveled up. By collecting them as available, you always are optimizing which heroes you’re spending resources to level up.


Is this covered under warranty?

You are not wrong.

But if you break your device, you may be delayed weeks while you replace it.


…Padded cases…

(or maybe I qualify for padded walls…)


I recently had waited 100 days on my 2 TC20’s as i have ■■■■ near all the vanilla heroes except like most the slow ones. Only new hero i gained for that 100 day wait that was a 5* was Isarnia. All other 5* were duplicates…SMH :pensive:


Wow… you have an astounding amount of patience :smile:
Perhaps in the next 100 days?!?! :wink:

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Right! I use to draw every 10 days but i can now field 6 strong mono teams and if i go 3/2 even more. Im missing Obakan, Quintis, Azlar, Domitia, Justice, Vivica and Khagan from the vannila hero roster, as you can see it is ■■■■ near all the slow heroes so its not like they will do much for me so no real reason to be in a hurry to open my TC20’s to much. Think the gaming gods hear all the hate i give slow heroes and never gives them to me. :joy:


I used to get all the slow 5* classic heroes from TC20, because perhaps the RNG Gawds heard me complain why I kept getting Slow Mana heroes. While RNG perhaps finally decided that it might have had its way with me on giving me slow heroes, I am now missing a few of the ones you are missing (Domitia, Magni, Richard, Marjana, Vivica, Leonidas, and Joon).

I mostly get the fast heroes, but am still lacking a few, Azlar, Domilita, Horghall, Kadilen, Khagan, Leonidas, Magni, Obakan, Quintus, Thorne, and lastly Vivica. Wow, I guess that is more than a few, and more like half of the classic 5*'s!

I was frustrated a week ago because the result of my TC20 are only 3*, no 4*. I decided to wait until 10 finished training before harvesting it with my prime target was Caedmon to complete my 4* rainbow defense.

It did not go as planned though… When the first training concluded, I was careful enough not to open it… However when I am about to put my phone down… without realizing it, the screen at the part of the TC got touched by my thumb… when I looked back at my phone… Caedmon appear… happy ending :joy:


I pull it the moment I get them. Running 2x TC20 in parallel.

Still missing Horghall / Justice / Marjana to complete my vanilla collection.


That is what I normally do, but I am hoping that it will be more exciting when I get 10 or so heroes at a time. It is exciting to pull 4* and 5* heroes, even if I already have doubles (ok, it is not so exciting pulling a 4th or 5th Cyprian), but on the flip side, it is annoying when I pull just 3*'s for days at a time.

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lol, I tried this once for the excitement factor…I let 2x TC20 build up for 2 weeks. Got excited, clicked on them…all 3*, doh!! Now I just pull them everyday :rofl: that was part of my dark, 38x 3* pull streak phase in life.


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