Lets talk about powercreep

!This post is not intended to flame and cry!

I found this picture in a line group and it made me think about a problem called powercreep.

I guess everybody understands the intention of releasing more and more powerfull heroes:

  • keep the game interesting for longtime players
  • trigger the paybutton

While i am totally a fan of those new toys they release i do have concerns about all the old heroes getting more and more underwhelming. I mean where is the end of that spiral that leads us higher and higher in terms of powerlevel?

Will there be heroes with 1k+ Basedefense without troops? Or Heroes that deal twice the amount of damage Gravemaker or Ursena do?

I wanna discuss ways to keep things balanced not only between tc20 heroes (costumes did a great job here although its a balance patch you have to pay for) but also for all the other heroes we were ones lucky to get.

Between Telluria and Delilah (my first 5* and HoM) its 2 years of development and now Delilah looks like 3* compared to this new HoM.

If you’ve spend between 1000 and 2000€ or even more like i did and decide to not pay anymore you shouldn’t be punished for that. In my opinion the developer has some kind of ethic responsibility for the ones who gave them their money.

So yeah sry for this little passage of crying haha^^

Lets get back to topic.

I would love to see free ingame ways to improve my old Heroes so they can hold the ground against all those new toys coming up. There are many ways to achieve that but here are some of my thoughts:

  • give them passive resist and elemental link
  • create a family (HoM-Family)
  • an obtainable item (like the reset emblem) to get back ascension materials
  • another league above diamond
  • a free way to trade older legendary heroes for a special token that garanties a random s3 5*

Feel free to jump in :slight_smile:


Ohhhh dude you’re in for it now. Talking bout telluria being OP is a no go zone in this forum…here comes the hecklers


I dont want to be mean but you pay for entertaiment, not for an investment.

The solution for Powercreep has been Costumes, which I personally hate to see a paywall/time wait approach for it. But then again, this is a Gacha game, so if it doest try to suck you dry something is seriously wrong.


costumes aren’t a solution because everybody has a 98% of not getting a 5* costume each and every pull. This matters mostly because budget players are the least likely to get costumes and the most likely to use tc20 heroes.

So less a solution and more a carrot to dangle in front of us on our treadmills. :stuck_out_tongue:

Power creep matters though, the best games manage it well. This game used to have awesome balance for its first couple years.


great side by side of tel and del. The one thing worth mentioning is that del is a fighter and revives, heals herself and is back to normal. Her talent, in my opinion, is vastly superior to the dispellable paladin talent.

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Its the gateway, everything from here on that will lag behind (because of powercreep) or any bad developed heroes from the past (such as Atomos and Margaret) or the future will end up getting a costume as a fix.

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Really? I will trade you my Dawa for your Delilah. Heck, i will trade you three Dawas for your Delilah. THREE 3 stars, for your single 3 star hero. You’ll trade, right?


gateway is right… lol

I view costumes as an awesome content add to the game, one of my favorites for sure, but I see it less about correcting for power creep and more about simple doubling down on more 3 and 4* content for budget players and 5* content for higher spending players. But I have no expectation of getting a costume for isarnia, even if I might have logged the most minutes of isarnia usage in the user base. (I suspect I am in the top 5%)

For atomos- being a huge destiny 2 fan, I really want an atomos, as hated as he is. he looks super cool.


I will offer 3 dawas and a ganju. stuffed panda for the win.

Sure. You conveniently ignored Telluria’s attack being 124 lower than Delilah’s attack.

By emblems, we can see that 15 ATK = 18 DEF = 36 HP in terms of value. Taken the total,

Telluria = 2.4 x 613 + 2 x 832 + 1425 = 4560.2
Delilah = 2.4 x 737 + 2 x 704 + 1345 = 4521.8

So Delilah is less than 40 total hp points lower than Telluria. Which is 16 ATK points exactly. Gravemaker’s attack is 727. In order to double that, it would take 45.4375 cycles.

Delilah was March 2018’s HoTM. Exactly 2 years away from Telluria. Which means, for GM’s attack to double at the current rate, it would take 90.875 years.

You know what? I think that’s acceptable. If a hero comes out in June 2098 with double GM’s attack, I’d be just fine with that.


The question is, does introducing more powerful heroes, like Telly make older ones which have some similarities like Delilah less viable? I don’t think so. Despite whales, only a few people will have them both, so in this particular case Telly won’t replace Delilah that often in Defense.

Furthermore, Telly doesn’t make Delilah worse, she is still very good in offense AND defense, meaning there is no need to buff her because she still can compete.

Last thing is the color difference. For my part I like having similar heros for different elements because the teams I’ll put them in are still depending on my roster of other heroes, making them work in different scenarios and constellations.


We can only hope that the Hero Academy can come to Beta soon and see if there’s something to do about this :slight_smile:

Regarding the costumes, I’m actually quite happy myself with the frequency of costume keys as loot too. I don’t like that getting what you want is RNG though, but given that this is pretty much the design of the game, I wasn’t expecting any less.

For what it’s worth, the developers have said they want to do a balance patch sometime in the future (an actual balance patch, not just more costumes), so whenever that comes I’ll be curious to see what they do.


Cue absolutely ballistic #beta-beat and real beta threads lol…


#SharanNeedsABuff #NerfLayla #JennahNeedsAColorChange


Yea I don’t see a problem balancing other characters slightly higher. Like everyone (mostly) hates Thorne, why can’t they balance him. Increase something in his special or change it all together, why not increase him or other classic hero’s to better reflect and be competitive. Other games will completely change guns or characters in games to ensure balance. Yes they have costumes which are also behind a paywall but I don’t see why they can’t have half year or so updates to ensure more balance. I guess their biggest answer is sales. They are bottom line worried about sales and not making older characters usable for free. Just my opinion.

the best way to support budget players in this game is adding more content for 3 and 4* teams- the raid tournaments and challenges events are without a doubt the areas of the game where budget players often field teams with the same heroes as heavy spenders.

So more features vs updating content.


I don’t have a single HOTM prior to Evelyn. So that’s how I’m beginning this. No 5* pirates heroes (but there ain’t much complaining about them being OP). No 5* Avalon heroes. No 5* Fables heroes. I have GP but that’s it for the 5* Guardians. I have 3/5 of the Wonderland 5* (that’s some crazy rng isn’t it?)
I recently (as in last Atlantis Rises) got Ursena but Poseidon is the only other Atlantis hero I have. So how do I get by not having some of these “OP” heroes such as Guin, Kunchen, GM? I play the game. I actually play the game well. I stockpiled a lot of cleric and paladin emblems and now Richard and Vivica are my two most powerful heroes. Yeah they are season 1 for those who forgot about them (Richard does have his costume). I don’t spend a ton of money but I’m def not FTP. I maintain diamond status opening raid chests and my alliance takes out 11-13* titans. There’s a ton of advice on this forum that isn’t all about spewing venom at heroes that need this or that. So my suggestion is follow some of that advice. You also kinda get in what you put in. It’s okay that the “whales” get everyone. It’s also okay that there’s some heroes that are more legit than other heroes. When everyone is super, no one is.


This sounds like a great idea, perfect to balance between keeping desirable heroes desirable and making paying worth it, while giving more content and competitive avenues for other players.

I wish there were 3* tournaments every week, with Rudolph’s, Nordris and shrubbears not to mention costumed brienne and costume hawkmoon, I feel like I am always using the lineup I want to use and not the one I have to settle on.


yeah I’m haivng so much fun with this week’s tournament. Screw 5 star tournaments.


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