Lets speak about Thorne


Let’s talk about Thorne, Baby!
He sucks a lot, maybe!


Lianna does reduce the attack of the target—dead foes don’t hit hard at all! :wink::sunglasses:


Looks like that. :roll_eyes:

You are right. But I was thinking about those who survived after her first hit.


Don’t forget poor Quintus then!


What about him? (20 characters)


He also hits without further special effects, he is slow and actually he is another hero that is rarely taken into serious consideration for investing tabards


Oh! Yes, you are right. Even after upgrade Quintus is of a questionable value. But there is another thread about him. I’m a lucky owner of both Thorne and Quintus. :grin:


Quintus isn’t great, but he hits everybody at 270% of 747. That’s a lot of total HP taken. If your party is hovering near 50 to 60% of their HP in a raid when he goes off, it’s over. I think he gets a bad rap mostly because he is awful at 3/70. Gotta get him to 4/80 to respect him. Thorne? Still sucks at 4/80.


Agreed. Slow AOE heroes are bad at the start but if you are unlucky to let them launch its usually a tide changer. But this is a different topic.

As for Thorne, I actually see him as a different version of Lianna but his attack stats has to be above 700 (his special would then really strike fear against his enemies). Then I would put a similarity of him as Gretel (Thorne) to Hansel (Lianna). Otherwise, for me he will never see the scopes.


I pulled Thorne too last month and he is my second 5*. He needs something other than damage , something like an attack debuff or def buff , but for a beginner he is ok. There are so many weaker heroes in this game , the question is do the devs even want this game to be balanced? Beceause it is part of the marketing strategy to release stronger ones so everyone is exited to buy more gems for pulls. Just compare Thorne to King Arthus , cmon give them some love.


Not every hero can be as good as the next. Arthur is a special event hero, I would fully expect him to be better than the average hero that comes out of TC20. I’m just lobbying for Thorne to be made useful. To give me some reason to invest 6 scopes in him.


What you are expecting has no value to the design of heroes nor balancing whatsoever. Why should any 5* be better than the other? If a hero is stronger then he has more stars , that is the only rule this game follows. There are some event heroes being weaker than the old ones so your statement is only partly correct. Balancing should mean bringing heroes of the same star level to equal strength otherwise it would be unhealthy to the game. Why are you even complaining about Thorne then? You mean a hero that is harder to get should be stronger than another? That is only your personal mindset as I said before some event heroes are even considered one of the worst , so where are we now? My opinion is that every 5* or 4* etc should be equal in strength no matter if they are harder to get.