Lets rank events

The year has passed and we have now been through and played in all newly improved/enhanced seasonal events.

Let’s try to rank them “most favourite” to “least favourite” in terms of best (most efficient) portal to do summons in overall, having in mind ALL heroes for the particular event, not just the best one.

Most Favourite Seasonal Event - Pulls Related
  • Springvale
  • Sand Empire
  • Return Of Morlovia
  • Santa’s Challenge

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As a bonus poll (maybe a little too late for this one but still), which would be your most desirable “Monthly Challenge Event” portal to do your pulls in, again having in mind ALL heroes for the particular event.

Most Favourite Monthly Challenge Event - Pulls Related
  • Guardians Of Teltoc
  • Knights Of Avalon
  • Pirates Of Corellia
  • Riddles Of Wonderland
  • Fables Of Grimforest

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Note: It would be more interesting to include all available portals in a poll (S2, S3, ToL, NT, Costume Chamber and those above) but then individual player’s choice will most probably depend on featured heroes in those portals.

Also apologies if such polls are already existing. I did a little research but could not find any.


The problem I see on this poll is that, what if you already have all or most of the heroes in such portal, will that player still consider that portal as his or her favorite portal? Because in my case, I have all the heroes in Teltoc save Guardian Kong and you won’t be seeing me again summoning for that portal just for the gorilla, or another a chance getting another dupe Owl or Chameleon. Nope. I would love to have a dupe Panther and a third Gazelle and I will max them without blinking an eye but chances of them landing on my lap is slimmer than thin. I’d rather have my hoarded challenge coins used in either Pirates or Avalon or Wonderland for a chance getting Finley, Black Knight or Jabbawock instead. So, no. Teltoc was the portal I previously focused on summoning due to the elemental debuffers absent in other portals.

As for season events portal, only the Morlovia event is where I am deprived of their legendary heroes. I already got Lepus, Rana and recently Mother North after experiencing those seasonal events thrice already (well maybe twice for Springvale since I started playing after its first event concluded).

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My idea was Overall, abstracting of each player individual roster. Like if you had none of those heroes, where would you focus your attention at? :slight_smile:


The return of morlovia could have a bais decision on what happened last year :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Santa Claus event was absolutely fantastic

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Yeah, Santa is good seasonal event to make some pulls. However, i’d prefer Springvale (which i voted for). There aren’t really any wrong answers/votes. It’s really up to personal choice but overall the two events i expected to get most of the votes are exactly those two - Spingvale and Santa. Really good heroes in both of them.

Morlovia is not bad either but compared to the two above, not as great. I’d say only new heroes (Vanda and Francine) make it look good for pulling while in Springvale and Santa almost all heroes are great or at least very useful.

Sand Empire remains least desirable, according to votes, just as i expected. New heroes there were not that good, unfortunately. The old ones are not so impressive either, especially in nowadays meta.

As for Monthly Challenge Events, i expected some tough competition there between Guardians, Wonderland and Knights but i can see Guardians are killing it, according to votes :slight_smile:


I based my choice on “if I had none of the heroes where would I most likely pull?”

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That’s the correct way for ranking those events i was looking for in the original post :slight_smile:

Challenge Events poll gave me harder time picking from than Seasonal Events poll (personal choice). I am still not sure my vote there was/is 100% objective. I guess i can’t go wrong (for me personally) with any of those options i was considering “as a first choice portal” to do pulls in. :slight_smile:

Out of those events, i dont have a legendary hero from Wonderland, Avalon, Morlovia and Pirates. I have 1 5* heroes in the other events with Teltoc only missing Kong. I wonder if SG will be adding new heroes on those portals in the future. There are a few themed-characters that can be added there.

I don’t think they will add new heroes to those events. And yet they want to add new heroes for more interest/profits so they are creating those new events (League of Villains) which will most probably be (from early info) the same game play as Monthly Challenge Events but tons of new and more powerful heroes to get more money from players (a bit Off Topic here).

Well, if I am SG, I think they will be introducing new heroes to the current existing events. Why? Well, there are portals that lack certain elements. For example, Teltoc does not have a blue legendary hero. Pirates does not have a yellow legendary hero. Avalon has no purple legendary. And so on.

Moreover, they will try to keep players from summoning on the same event portals. I for one have all the Teltoc heroes save Kong. But Kong is not really a must-have hero and I can live without him. Thus, I am not summoning anymore on that event. Some players may also be in the same situation but to a different event.

So, for SG to continue earning from those events, they need to introduce heroes from that theme that may be more powerful and have interesting or desired or unique but useful skills. I won’t be even surprised if they add 3 5* heroes at the same time on every event in the future.