Let's play challenge : Beat full 5 Star using full 4 star REGULAR team!

Hi guys, let’s play challenge, send video of you raiding full 5* team with only using full REGULAR 4* team ( REGULAR means only using heroes that can be obtained from TC 20).

Starting from me first, here’s the video:

Opponent 5* team: Alby - Athena - Gravemaker - Zeline - Rana
My 4* REGULAR team : Sonya - Kiril - boril - Gormek - Grimm

Memorable moment: I felt lucky at the end alby didn’t revive any of his friends, otherwise the result will be different :joy:


Aha, nice one ! 20 characters :roll_eyes:

My first try. Took me longer to pick out the team as I don’t have many of the regular heroes leveled.


@Hcmitchellr Thats odd… You dont have many hero’s yet you only gain 17 cups from a raid that is almost 600HP more than you… the cups should of have been higher no?

The only times I seen cups that low is when the advantage is on my side base on my defense so looks like your defense is well stacked?

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I just looked you up. You are well stacked. lol! now things start making sense…

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I think he meant he doesn’t have many tc20 4* levelled, ie he has plenty of depth but uses 5* and event hero’s :wink:

I know what he meant. I find it hard to believe but for each their own! :wink:

Nice topic! Gratz!
Added to watchlist! :wink:

Lol… You used grimm attack before kirils’ attack buffing…

But win well thought - even though the 5 star team wasnt a top one - as the OP had :stuck_out_tongue: . I find 221 best stacking.

You should start a 3* vs 4* team topic too :smile:

I’ve seen lots of 3 five star hero teams. There is also @Boarasaurus who beat a guin tank team with just panther and Hel. If y’all get bored of using just 4* heroes could try some of those. :blush:

Yeah, I thought I would save Kiril’s heal till I noticed another match. Thats why there was hesitation.

The only other 4* regulars I have maxed are Melendor and BT. If the challenge included event and S2 4*s that would be different as I have plenty of them.

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wow nice wukong is awesome game changer :+1:

Here’s my another attempt video beat 5* using 4* regular team. This time was guin tank.

Opponent 5* team: alasie - zeline - guin - GM - sartana

My 4* Regular team : sabina - tiburtus - cyprian - rigard - kiril

Memorable note: I stacked 4 purple and most of my teams were healers to keep cyprian alive. I was lucky enough to get purple diamond early so the purple tiles killed guin without her had a chance to cast her devastating specials.

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Very well done! Love it man!
That nice cup counts has something to say, U are not stacked up and seen u go like that gives younger players hope. Keep it up!

Note: I know that the board has to truly benefit u but that goes across the board.

This time is 4* regular team against another GM tank


  • The board was in favor for me, it was so tidy up since the beginning that made so many cascading combos. Pure luck this time :laughing:
  • I’m not always win beating 5* team vs regular 4* team. I only upload the video that gave me victory lol.
  • The formula that I found pretty helpful to beat 5* with 4* regular team is: stacking 4 same color against the tank and using riposter (boril or cyprian) to balancing the power. Boril or Cyprian can equalize team power gap and you just have to make sure to keep boril and cyprian alive as long as you can.

Wow, very nice panzer :+1:

Anybody else want to try this challenge? It’s really fun :grin:

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Now do it with a 4 star rainbow team

I think its too hard if using rainbow team. The key to win this challenge is by taking out the tank immediately, and that’s only possible by stacking colors

Note: this is especially true if u face with maxed 5* (for example the hardest one like Guin or GM)

There are possibilities to win against 5* using 4* regular rainbow team if the 5* aren’t maxed/leveled

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