Let's play another round of who gets the mats (red version)

Morning everyone, during this morning Atlantis pull I was lucky enough to pull Khagan, my first and only five star red (yea me).
I currently however have Sumitomo & Colen waiting at 3.6 and Kelile nipping at their heels at 3.53. I have one full set of blades to ascend only one for now, who gets the mats first?

How many mats do you have? (how many potential heroes can you level?)

Colen, I think, but Kelile if you need a sniper.

I’ve got four blades and five rings, I’m also currently leveling Wu Kong, Tiburtus, Melendor as well as starting Kiril and Poseidon (once Wu Kong is done). Each has their own respective mats and will be leveled with their own respective colors.

I should also note that I currently have Gormek, Scarlett and Boldtusk already fully leveled so I’m not hurting on red.

Let’s look at their final form:

From my own experience, Colen dies at the drop of a hat, but is nice if he gets a chance to fire. I personally like Kellile, but she’s not terribly impressive. Looks like Khaghan, unless you want to wait for another red?

EDIT: @TGW below, good point!


Kinda have to take into consideration whether or not OP has the mats to final ascend Khagan though. If not, you’re actually comparing a 3/70 5* vs. the fully finished 4/70 4*. In my personal experience, a 4/70 4* is usually stronger than a 3/70 5*. But I suppose it depends on the individual hero, maybe my 5* are just really bad. :laughing:


Personally if I was in need of immediate gratification I would go with Kelile as I like the fast mana and sniper aspect. I have other reds to work with currently and don’t mind the grind so I’m kind of leaning toward Khagan myself. By the time I get him to 3.7 I should have another set of rings and close to another four blades.

I had the same dillema few months ago, if you have mats to max him go for Khagan, Colen is glass cannon. The others not impressive.
I’ve maxed Khagan and although now I dont have the mats to level up Mitsuko or Azlar I dont regret it. He is quiet usefull hero, can stand damage, helps you to complete the missions and is a pillar of my red stacking. His specials are descent especially in mono red team when he can take care of his wings.

Thank you all for the feedback, I’ll get Kelile up to 3.6 and then begin work on Khagan.

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