Let's mix up wars – Additional Rules (e.g. element or rarity restrictions, no healing, no buffs, no troops). Add your Thoughts & Ideas Here

I haven’t seen this idea, so if it is out there please direct me.

This idea is more for defensive wars. Instead of having 6 flags for attack teams, alliances would set up 6 different defense teams (you can only use a hero once like in regular wars). The opponent would then see ONLY the first defense team and attack with heroes from their roster. Once a team is defeated, then the board would show the 2nd defense team of the player defeated.

Every 12 hours you get 3 flags, the battle would go on for 18 hours and the team that gets the most points wins.

Here’s the catch, you can use anyone from your attacking roster, but unlike wars now, if your attacking hero survives, it is still able to be used in future attacks providing you have enough flags. If a hero does not survive an attack, even if you win the attack, then it is no longer available for future battles. So, for example, if I attack with 5 heroes, and 2 don’t survive the win, I can use the 3 that did survive in my next attack.

Also, once a defender has all 6 of their defense teams defeated, they do not regenerate. If an alliance can go through all of the opponents defenders, then they receive a bonus. If they do it first, then it should be a more significant bonus than the other team.

Hope I explained it well.

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Do you get to reuse the surviving attacking hero at full strength or at the level he finished the previous attack at? It would involve more strategy if the hero didn’t regenerate.

My original thought is to use them again at full strength. However, you are right, that would involve more strategy and thought if they left the battle with whatever health that they won with.

Additionally, another thought is that players have to pick their defense teams AND they have to pick 25 heroes for their attack squad (5 for each color) and lock them in. In that way, the game could more easily determine what heroes are “alive” for the war or not rather than going through a players entire roster.

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I’m sure, there has never been any alliance, which flipped the warfield 6 consecutive times during a single war.

Setting up 6 defenses could also be unfair or even impossible for weaker players.

But the udea is nice nevertheless. Three defenses, 1 for each respawn staying dead after the 3rd kill and a possibility to transfer some attacks from weaker to heavier benched players by a say war lord (2 could be promoted by leaders) would bring some more fun and strategy to wars.

You may also be inspired by my field diversity suggestion and the other ideas there going in a similar direction.

I think the requirement to build more than one war defense team has its merits. Maybe one defense for first half and one for second half. The second defense would necessarily be weaker but as attackers use up their heroes the attacks are also weaker. Problem is you’d also have to have the flags used in halves as well or alliances would just hoard their flags for the second half. To combat that you’d have to make your stronger defense the second. Requires more alliance cooperation and coordination for defensive setup.

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I do like the field diversity, and have voted for it.

The point of 6 defense teams is to challenge players to build up different forms of defense, and maybe to build up multiple defensive tanks that one would otherwise need only one. For example, I only need one Guin now, but I would be enticed to level up another, even at 3-70, to put on one of my defense teams.

In this type of war, you’d get more flags (maybe 3 every 6 hours). However, if you run out of eligible heroes, you can’t attack anyway. The idea is to “try” to wipe the enemy out, but it’d be more fun, to me, if bad boards, bad beats, etc. causes teams to have to strategize to come up with ways for optimum points.

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Unused flags could disappear, if the next flags will appear to force attacks during every part of those wars.

A war of two halves: first half one defense, 3 flags for attack; second half another defense, 3 flags for attack. Makes mono tanks more difficult. Does everyone have 2 Guin?

Would be a problem for me in weekday war though as I never seem to be online to use 3 flags in the first half.

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Haha, I don’t have two Guins either. But if I had to build up more defense teams, I might commit more gems to a summon during Knights Event to try to get her, especially if this kind of war is a regular thing.

Well, in actuality I don’t have even one Guin :anguished:

Voted. And I rarely do this. The issue with 6 different defense teams, is not an issue as long the defender may use the same heroes in the other setups. Let’s say, you must have at least 2 different heroes, between the 6 defensive line-up.


  1. Sonya, Kadilen, Elena, Domitia and Chao.
  2. Caedmon, Marjana, Richard, Domitia and Chao
  3. Caedmon, Sartana, Justice, Marjana and Sonya
  4. Kadilen, Joon, Sartana, Richard and Kelile
  5. Kelile, Sonya, Kadilen, Domitia and Joon
  6. Marjana, Kadilen, Richard, Sartana and Chao

So, I used only 12 heroes, to create 6 different defenses. You won’t find 2 of them to have more than 3 identical heroes. I go further, saying a nice setup rule would be to set every colour as tank (one colour will be set twice as tank, by player’s choice), as I did in my example.

That would be a nice setup. I could go for that.

Why not make the first 3 flags “use them or lose them” by half time? That would make an extra layer of strategy needed for those alli that habitually run the “late blitz” every war.

EDIT: Yes I get players may be on different time zones, hence the length of war. But 12 hours is, generally speaking, more than a sufficient amount of time to log in and hit.

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As stated in another thread, beginners will have a hard time putting two defenses together, let alone six. Even using only 12 heroes.

Beginners have a hard time using all 6 flags in a standard war. It is the same principal. You don’t HAVE to have 6 defenses before you are defeated. You can field just one if that is all you have.

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