Let's mix up wars – Additional Rules (e.g. element or rarity restrictions, no healing, no buffs, no troops). Add your Thoughts & Ideas Here

Let’s face it, wars are becoming boring. Top end wars are “he with the most Guinns wins”. The only option right now is stacking as many purps as you can or squeaking out the best color stack teams as you can.

Since a must needed Guinn nerf doesn’t seem likely, I propose mixing up wars.

Just a few ideas, but I;m sure you guys can come up with more/better options. One or more of these could be active any single war and each war would be different. These could be applied to offense or defense or both.

-Ban a specific element
-Ban all but 1 element
-limit the total team power where not every defender is 5* or even 4
-add elemental reflect
-no heals
-no buffs
-no debuffs
-no troops
-color stacks have less effect
-etc. etc.

I think some variety to wars could make for some awesome match ups instead of guinn meta.

Derric Steal-yo-gurl

(I can’t vote and I can’t :heart:)

How about a war where only 3* and 4* are allowed? (thanks to our Elder Korf for suggesting this)

How about a raid tourney where you must bring a mixture of 3* and 4*. Fixed quotas apply. A maximum of 3 x 3* and 2 x 4* on any given raid or defence team? Would make things interesting

How about a raid tourney where you are allowed to bring only one vanilla non-HOTM 5* and the rest 3*, but the 5* is handicapped to very slow? (This is probably the least balanced idea of the lot)

What about a tourney where you can bring any hero you like but all the heroes’ stats are nerfed to a 3* equivalent? (Say 5* are nerfed by 75% and 4* by 60%)

There’s lots of ways to be creative here

A thread you might be interested in:

Don’t think there is a master thread of new Tournament Fight styles…

Sounds a bit like fog of war

A dead thread comes back to life. For the record, these ideas were before the raid tourneys.


I can agree with these. I’m all for changing up war. I just started a topic about changing them as well

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This is a fantastic idea.

If I’ve learned anything from Raid Tournaments - it’s that modifiers like color, star-rating, and special rules (rush attack, no heal, etc.) make the element of strategy MUCH more interesting.

I totally agree that wars are currently at an impasse because in the upper echelon, it’s always Kunchen/Ursena tanks, or else Guin tanks. Boring!

We already have modifiers applied to war like field aid and arrows, maybe the devs could apply some of the ones you’ve suggested…

Variety is the spice of life!

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Just leave war as it is!
New compilation does nobody any favours!
Field aid deal with it
Attack boost deal with it
Arrows deal with them
Chapeec :slight_smile:


I can only agree. Raid tournaments still require a lot of strategic thinking as there are always different rules. Wars, however, are basically the same thing over and over again.

A few ideas I can think of:

  • limit the maximum TP of each team (both attack and defense) --> players can decide whether they want to field five equally strong heroes or one strong tank, two medium strong flanks and weak wings or try it with three super-strong heroes
  • no yellow and purple allowed --> should only be for advanced allys where people have 30 or more R/B/G heroes
  • fog of war --> you only see the opponent’s tank in the preview, all other heroes as well as the opponent’s name are disguised until the first attack. Fog of war resets after the whole field is cleared
  • Vanilla fight --> no HotM, event or Atlantis heroes allowed

The new rules/mechanisms could be combined with the existing ones like field aid.

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Love those suggestions - especially no yellow/no purple. Every war in the top 200 is like that. At this point I don’t know which is worse; Ursena/Kunchen or Guin.

I could field a vanilla defense, but if I was limited to vanilla on offense I’d be screwed hahaha…

Vanilla fight and fog of war would be really interesting.

Another idea someone suggested in some other thread was having “rotating” defense teams. You would set up not one but 2 or 3 defense teams and when one was killed off the 2nd one would show up after the spawn timing. I think that has some potential as well

Personally i leave wars as is. But ditch the raid tournament. i find it super boring. Just raiding… rinse and repeat.

I would love live raids. Where yoy face a person, not the game AI.

How about a No-5*-heroes war every once in a while … For the sake of F2P players out there.


A good team of levelled 4’s will definitely give an average 5 star team a shake. My advice is if you can’t defeat a single opponent with two attacks, you are trying to hit above your weight. I’ve yet to see a levelled 5 star in opposition to me, but then, I don’t attack the (apparent but not always) heavy hitters team either; ever, so may have just not noticed.

Why don’t you create wars like you already do with raid tournaments? I think this could be fun not seeing all the boring 5ers all the time

it could be interesting but how many of us are 6 deep with4*'s? that could make for ALOT of unused flags

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I like the idea, but in that CASE the creators have to add more hero slots, to have space for 6 teams of 4* heroes, 6 teams of 3* heroes and for the very lucky players 6 teams of 5* heroes… Those teams alone take 90 places, and not every player has that much slots…

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You can use your 3s to fill up

Players who have 6 teams of 5s, 4s, and 3s probably addressed the issue of roster space already. Having ~60-80 free spots seems ideal to me.

I love the idea of 4* wars. Give us new ways to use our heroes.

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