Let's make rainbow relevant again!

uclapack sometimes do rainbow raiding on her youtube vids. To be most effective, they should be premiere heroes, max troops and with Dator luck.

Truth is, when we started playing this game, we use rainbow teams in map and in raids, and perhaps even against titans. This is due to the limited heroes we got then. As we grew, we got more heroes leveled and maxed, then we learn color stacking, starting from maybe 2-1-1-1 or 2-2-1 then 3-2 or 4-1 or mono. We learn that by stacking, the monster we battle or the enemy heroes we raid receive more damage than doing rainbow, especially if we stack the strong color against the enemy.

IMHO, one can successfully do rainbow attacks with the proper highly emblemed heroes and maxed troops. But i cant do that yet. Majority of us cant. Goodluck attacking your titans doing rainbow teams. I am sure it will be fun for you and your alliance

I don’t think that changing the meta regarding stacking would be good for the game at this point, but perhaps this could be an idea for a new HOTM. When the special is activated all heroes of a different element assume the element of the selected hero for two or three turns or something to that effect. This would allow the attacker to select whichever element looks most attractive on the board; assuming they have all elements to chose from.

So one hand creates hidden algorithms plotting against color stacking, while the other hand releases heroes of the month all with elemental links, which implies color stacking. L-logic.


Doubling down on my ridiculous strategy? I usually use Wu Kong on my attack team.

Keep in mind, I’m mid platinum. Half the people who attack me are in diamond. They’ve already got the upper hand on me and my mostly vanilla roster.

I only do revenge raids anymore. Majority of my opponents are 200+ TP above my own. My raid win rate is less than 50%.


Not at all ideal for quickly filling raid chests. But good enough to keep me in mid platinum.

“But TGW! Don’t you want to get up to diamond tier?”

Some day, yes. But seeing as how my best rainbow team is currently only about 3950 TP? I don’t even think that’s possible for me at this point.

Titan attacks are a different matter altogether. I always color stack heavily for those.


Color stacking should take into account special abilities. You want to construct a team that had good special synergies. Besides having tiles that hit hard, color stacking has the benefit of your heros specials being charged at the same time or just a turn or 2 difference. We have all had raids when the entire defense has their specials charged on the same turn, it’s bad news for the offense. When you color stack, you can have the entire offense charged and ready to go. That rarely happens with a rainbow team.


The only rainbow raiding I’ve done anytime recently has been against Telluria tanks.

For every other situation, I tend to raid 3-1-1 stacks - three of the strong color against the tank, and the other two heroes get picked based purely on the other most effective heroes on the enemy defense. VERY often, I find that Malosi is one of those, as his usefulness in stopping enemy buffs and ailments is without question one of my favorite things in the game. :slight_smile:

I’m not opposed to the idea of giving some kind of “rainbow bonus” though; but not if it completely breaks stacking.

For example: Guardian Falcon gives -FireDef; I think this clearly indicates that G.Falcon is meant to be used with other fire heroes. At Average speak, Falcon generally won’t benefit from hitting twice on the same opponents. Thus, I think at least one other Red hero should be brought along with G.Falcon for effectiveness. If this were to change such that combining two Red on a team were in some way penalized, I wouldn’t like that.

And by “penalized” this could be as simple as “rainbow bonus is OP”… such that I would be incentivized to ONLY use rainbow teams.

Now, that being said… I probably have enough roster depth to be able to mix and match a really good rainbow setup if they changed something so I had strong incentive to only bring one of each color. So I’d adapt. But I’m not a big fan of the concept unless I saw more specific details of how it would be proposed for implementation.

Good gaming!


The whole point of color stacking is enhancing the tile damage, and you want to penalize that?

Mono colour stacking enhances tile damage for 20% of the tiles, while negating tile damage for 80% of them. You also still need to build a team that will work well together synergistically so it can survive the boards that are not so favourable to your stacked colour. This is where many mono players fail, they think any old set of 5 same-colour heroes can excel and that’s only the case with a good board.

Rainbow is still relevant. It relies much more so on specials than on tile damage. Tiles when using rainbow are mainly to charge up the specials on your team. With rainbow the team synergy is even more important.

The problem is that with element bonuses and linking SG are actively encouraging stacking, and the added synergies of the linking make rainbow less relevant than stacking in the current state of the game.

I still use exclusively rainbow for playing through the seasons.

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This is precisely why I still occasionally go rainbow for raids. Because I have no idea what the boards are going to give me.

When it comes to titan attacks? Yeah yeah, quick quick. Heavy color stack and look for that color. Quickly! Match as many as you can. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Get big score. Awesomesauce. Or, get a less than big score… damn. Oh well, better luck next time.

When it comes to wars? Sure, I’ll occasionally color stack. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Sometimes? Oopsie, only took out the tank. Someone else want to finish that off for me? Other times… BOOM BOOM BOOM. Well look at that. A full one shot clear. Yay me!

When it come to raids? Errrrrmmmm I only have one shot at this. Well, technically three; but I have to do a full clear of all 5 opponents with one attempt in order for it to count as a win. Do I really want to put all of my eggs in one basket and just hope I get the right color tiles? Or should I probably have a backup plan in case the board decides to screw me over?

For raids I usually stack 3:2 with the 3 being most damage against tank. For war i usually use 2:2:1 or 2:3 against tank when the Alliance is using same color tank since i don’t have 18 good 5* of all colors and am dipping into 4* heroes to get 12 of a color.

That being said I use Rainbow on most map stages & quests. I think it would be GREAT to have a small bonus, e.g. 5% to 10% mana, when using Rainbow. I’d probably start using Rainbow more often in both Raids & War

But on the flip side, you’re dealing 6X damage with those tiles, so on average you still come out ahead. And you’re charging your whole team with those tiles, instead of partially charging several heroes with each individual color.

So I think that latter point is where a potential boost could come for rainbow. Maybe if you have a rainbow, you get an 11% increase to mana generation for all heroes. 2-1-1-1 would get you 7%. 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 would get you 4%.

I like the idea from earlier of a “Rainbow Link” that provides a shared mana bonus. “All other allies gain 20% of the mana this hero gains.” Something like that. A rainbow team, compared to a mono or 3/2 stack, would have gimped tile damage, but more specials going off. As a result, the defense would also be using more specials too. Feels pretty balanced to me, the 20% number might need tweaked though, maybe up to 33%

Personally, I only use mono when hitting titans. You’re against a single element, so it makes sense to stack for maximum damage. For raiding or wars, I feel mono leaves you too much at the mercy of the RNG, which is sure to screw you when you need it most. Instead, I prefer to field combinations of 3-2, 3-1-1 and 2-2-1 depending on what I’m up against. I find this to be a happy medium. A bit of extra tile damage, but also requires a thought out team composition to beat what you’re up against as tile damage alone won’t get it done.

I’d prefer to see individual heroes given a link with another element rather than a blanket boost to any rainbow team you use. Similar to how current HoTM work but with a different or opposing color.

Rainbow already has an inherent benefit that can be used strategically:

All tiles score. All tiles produce main gain.

So you can do quite well, fighting with rainbow, especially if you are good at working the board to make combos (in which ALL tiles score…). You do a lot of damage and you are able to light up the specials on multiple heroes on your team (sometimes on all of them) without usually filling up any enemy mana meters.

Try using your raid defense team as your offensive raid team sometime. You might be surprised how powerful it is and what kinds of teams it can take down, if it’s a good rainbow defense with good synergy of skills and speeds.

This is true, and works quite well vs. titans… but you can see how this might be problematic in raids. If you don’t have enough of the right colored tiles on the starting board, you have to scramble to get rid of useless tiles and hope that they get replaced by the ones that you want… meanwhile, all the useless tiles you’re flinging at your opponents are charging up their mana, and not yours… :grimacing:

But not all mana is the same. The argument for rainbow is that at least some heroes will get mana regardless. But let’s say you have Rigard as your healer and your team is hurting. At that point all you care about is getting purple. Firing away tiles and charging up your other heroes may cause some tile damage, but there’s a good chance you’ll lose if you don’t get any purple.

I just want to point out that rainbow is not a cureall for bad boards. All it means is that if you get a board lacking in a color or two, those heroes aren’t all that useful, but you may be able to still chip away at the defence.

For me, the best application of a rainbow team is to include Wu Kong (or Ranvir). You can work the board and hope for a cascade with Wu Kong ready to fire. At that point, stacked tile damage isn’t a big deal if you can connect with the cascade. But, we’re talking about luck again.

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Oh, certainly. What I’m trying to say is that it’s generally easier/faster to fully charge all your heroes with one color tile than to fully charge each hero with a different color tile. With my mono red team I have matches that last three turns and I have other matches that end without a single hero charging. On the other hand, I could take say cRigard, cKiril, and three fast 5* snipers with secondary skills to make a rainbow. I don’t feel good about my chances to take out the tank before it fires twice.

I think the real crux is maybe acknowledging that with a well synergized rainbow team, you should be able to win most raids against teams with a similar power level, but with a color stacked team (not necessarily mono) you have a shot at winning raids against teams with much higher power levels (sixty percent of the time, it works every time). So you’re trading the potential upside for the increased risk. But that’s somewhat anecdotal. I know rainbow works fine up through platinum, but I can’t imagine taking on teams in diamond with 60+ emblems using a rainbow. Maybe that’s just a function of my roster - I’d like to see how approachable rainbow raiding into the top 100 would be.

For sure. With a mono team and a good board, I can destroy a team 500+ TP above my own. Not exaggerating at all - I’ve done it, more than once. But with a bad or even a “meh average” board? Nope. In those cases? I’d prefer to have my trusty rainbow. Because at least then I have a chance to maybe, just maybe survive long enough to get the right tiles (versus my mono team which would have already been long dead).

Granted, I’m not raiding anywhere near the top 100. But I have, on occasion, taken out diamond teams with tons of emblems using my rainbow attack team (spoiler alert: I use Wu Kong for most of my attacks, so kind of like color stacking I guess).

Running rainbow means you have a variety of options for how you work your board.

Don’t have purples and your Rigard is near death? Well, then I guess you may have to accept that fate and play your remaining surviving heroes without a Rigard healer option. This is similar to the bloody battle in tournaments, where healing has no effect. At least you have a chance to match some gems for your other heroes. A better chance, one might even say, if there are inadequate purples on the board then there are more of the other four colours that you can try to match and fill the mana for one or more of those colours (hopefully for a strong sniper, or AOE nuker).

There’s been many a time my healer has been killed early in battle and I’ve built my team with my healer in mind. So be it. It just means shifting gears. Doesn’t mean you can’t still find a way to pull out a win.

For me, the best way to win attacking with rainbow is to have chosen five heros that synergize well with their specials. Ideally, in a way where you have multiple options of synergy, so that if one particular hero dies unexpected early, or has insufficient gems to fill a special, it doesn’t mean your hopes at victory crumble. There needs to be a few back-up strategies available, so that you can dip and dive as the board evolves.

You won’t win every fight, certainly not. But it is a viable way to play, if you have a large enough bench of maxed heroes to allow you to select good counter specials based on your enemy’s defenses.

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