Let's make rainbow relevant again!

Today I got disappointed and sad because in daily valor challenges was this: ‘Win 1 raid with at least 3 heroes of the same element in your team.’

I don’t like how in every turn players are encouraged to color stack and now going as far as making it a daily challenge. It isn’t like rainbow team is a valid option anyway (when attacking)

In my opinion this makes the game boring. Stack enough heroes (as many as you dare) and hope that you get enough correct color tiles to win. If not lament the bad luck, rigged rng or something. It doesn’t matter much which heroes you bring, with enough tiles you’ll win and without the heroes won’t caharge their specials so it doesn’t matter what they would do.

If using rainbow would be a realistic option, it would add depth to the game as team composition and synergy would matter more. It would also alleviate the grief caused by unlucky boards.

Element links are (relatively) common, but why isn’t there ‘rainbow link’, that would grant some hefty, perhaps borderline OP, bonus when deploying a rainbow team? The beauty of it would be that it would be accessible to everyone, not requiring some specific hero.

I can’t remember when was the last time I deployed a rainbow team anywhere outside farming.

Nice idea. Another one to add to the list of things SG won’t take in consideration.

Totally on your side but I guess it’s a bigger win for SG if things stay like this, since you need 30 maxed heroes of every color for the wars.

I guess the moderators of the forum won’t be on your side. Just got called “frustrated” 10 times from some of them, for saying that it shouldn’t be possible in war to score better with a 2,6k color stack then with a 4,3k rainbow team.


Lol what?..


Most of the alliances Decide to have same color for the tank.
So if you go color stack you need 6 times 5 heroes of the same color.

Isn’t that 30?

You don’t need that many of any color to be succesful in wars

Off color stacking is a thing…

It’s all math

Only one most typically avoid is stacking the weak color of the tank which right now is blue, tho i also avoid yellow personally since i have no average mana or higher cleanse in yellow…

Game built on math and probabilities, the color stack advantage is intent of design and makes total sense why it has the advantage it has over rainbow

That being said, anyone can run whatever style they choose

1 small task that takes less than 2 minutes to complete in a 50 day challenge run isn’t goin to kill anyone…


Well I was talking about “best case scenario” :sweat_smile:

Sorry, @Babajaba for annoying you once again. Please keep in mind to stay friendly and polite. All forum members are here to help other players. And please don’t put things in a false light. In the thread you are most likely referring to, NO mod called you ‘frustrated’ and for sure not ‘10 times’. That plainly is not true! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Back on topic… I would like to see more chances for rainbow teams. Nevertheless, stacking is favourable for reasons known and I think this is ok as is. Imagine if you need only one single rainbow team to attack and likely win against any defense. This most likely would be less fun for players and less income for SG…


I don’t think it would be less fun.

Color stacking doesn’t count much on special abilities, it’s mostly about killing the enemies before they activate the special skills.
It relies purely on the tiles, that makes the whole game even more random.

That’s why I don’t understand people talking about “ability of the gamer”.

A plus for rainbow teams, besides, wouldn’t mean “being able to win everything with one team”, cause you still would have to adjust the team for each enemy.
And it could get even more interesting for wars and you’ll have to plan in advance, which team suits better to which opponent, instead of picking only the color.

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I personally agree on this point, when we talk about mono teams, but not when it comes to a 3tack or something like 2/2/1. The latter indeed require a lot of planning and ability.
The OP suggests something like a ‘rainbow link’ that enormously boosts a rainbow team. In so doing, i think the need to change a supreme working rainbow team with excellent synergies is obsolete no matter of the opposing team. In my opinion many players will use only this single team in all the raids or at least it will be a viable and straightforward solution. :thinking:

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And that’s enough to mute the thread and move on…idk why i thought this was going to be an intelligent discussion

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I think one reason the ‘elemental raid’ is a good thing, is because it teaches new players how to be effective in both raids and wars. I am always surprised when I hear another player say “Oh, I always take rainbow to raids.”

I do think rainbow is feasible once you have a roster that lets you build a team with complimenting hero abilities, but it’s always going to be tougher to pull off wins than with a stacked team, be it 3/2, 2-2-1, or mono.


Rainbow bonuses would be nice.

Now you need extremely good luck to win a rainbow attacker raid without massive tile damage especially if you have to take down 4.5k+ teams.

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This is a one way of using color stacking, but not the best one. It’s a brut force approach. If, besides high tile damage you take into account specials, you’ll be less dependent on bad boards.

On the other hand, I like the idea of a rainbow bonus. Say, have a shared mana generation bonus if all colors are covered.

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Fwiw, having personally bounced around a lot of alliances (and needing to “apply” to join, i.e. send in my roster), a lot of alliances do ask that you have enough maxed heroes in each color for balance (it was noted for a while that I was particularly weak in red):

  • You may hurt your alliance for a particular color titan (most important)
  • A particular color may help in a certain war situation (e.g. if there’s an opponent war D that happened to go 2 of a color- not as important but it happens)

I disagree with the irrelevance note if we talk about standard raiding. Actually in my experience rainbow (or close to rainbow e.g. 2-1-1-1) raiding is far more effective and a more stable method of winning raid attacks than heavy color stacking which depends much more on tile moving success.
I do color stack more in wars though due to roster depth - not a sufficiently wide roster of 5* heavy emblemed heroes (but only a limited player base is on this level)

My bad, forgot about OP bonus.
Well probably that would be too much, but some rainbow bonus wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Otherwise I could imagine a Malus (or how do you say in English a negative bonus?) from the third heroes of the same color in your offende team.
Something like lower defense or lower attack, the more heroes of the same color the more it gets deducted.

This is all they do is try and stop stacking with hidden algorithms. Dont know if you play the same game but it is the most complained about thing in it. You go 3 1 1 you get only the two elements you didnt bring every time. The game is already built to stop colour stacking. And this recent valour quest was a test to see how their algorithm is working.

Sorry to hear about your disappointment. :frowning:
Please provide any evidence that shows it is not just a subjective feeling. It has been shown before, that boards are NOT manipulated in the way you expect. Especially, the glitch that yielded exactly the same boards in beta and the live game irrespective of the team you had chosen, proved that there is nothing alike what you are complaining about.
By the way, why the heck should SG be interested to put time into it to make their players unhappy? :thinking:

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This is going to sound crazy… but I occasionally do raids using a rainbow attack team. And occasionally it actually works.

I always stack vs. titans, and usually stack in wars, but that’s inherently dangerous anyway (high risk / high reward). In raids? These days I only do partial stacks, and only if enemy has color stacked on their defense, or they have a particularly nasty hero that I intend to target first. Otherwise? Rainbow. I have a few rainbow teams that seem to work particularly well together (for me and at my own level, at least).

Ever considered to participate in an anonymous support group? :thinking:

Ok, i do so as well sometimes and sometimes i attack with only three heroes or only healers… When is the next meeting? :thinking:

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