Let's introduce ourselves!

I think now you know what you have to do :wink:


I swear I tried that first and it didn’t work :joy: Thanks!


welcome again @Smaug_the_Golden ! well, LB2s have brought something good at least - your presence in these parts :smiley:

teamwork :smiley:

(I’m in psych too! or at least, I studied it, and today I have a job where I apply what I learned!)

I can’t imagine doing that either… actually I can, I once went for a jog and hike in Los Angeles. bit of a desert climate.

now, running in the tropics, I cannot. the humidity would make me melt!


Flags everywhere. LOL

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Thanks for the welcome! I always enjoy reading your posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Umm yes I feel this deeply because this is me the second humidity hits…



why thank you, so kind of you to say :slight_smile:

ugh humidity. for me… as soon as I showered, a COLD shower, I’d have like 5 minutes to get into air-conditioning… else I would sweat again :rofl:


by the way @2.Trillion , I saw you had a video of a quarantine bathroom in the Philippines! hope you had a good visit otherwise? (that video sure brought back memories of my earlier life lol)

Yeah that was an interesting time. That video was recorded during the great plague.

My brother in law got caught hanging out with his 2 friends in his own house. Then he gets snitched on, then they quarantine him. The covid police out there put him and 3 other people in that dirty room, with all the beds on the floor. There was still trash from the previous positive tested patients.

Oh yes they all tested positive. All with no symptoms. It was ridiculous. You shouldve seen what the covid authorities fed them. Hopefully no one agrees to and follows any of those ■■■■■■■■ guidelines ever again. Everyone worldwide should now know better

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yeah, I’ve heard horror stories about the terrible way the guidelines were implemented. and this story highlights it… quarantine to prevent spread, and leaving such a filthy room. sigh.

still a nice place to visit, for the beaches and other stuff, but wouldn’t want to live there again :slight_smile:

As always the powers that be have found a new way to enforce control over the people. They use different tactics but as always the average people pay the price. I agree that in other country’s the situation is far worse then here but suppression is the way we have accepted for now. I’m waiting for the time people globally decide that enough is enough. Probably not in my lifetime but one can hope for a better future for all humanity🙂


there is always hope :slight_smile: and this is why I prefer my (science) fiction to portray shiny, happy and prosperous futures, rather than dystopian ones! I get enough of that in real life!

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