Let's introduce ourselves!

Those old phones were excellent for rage hang ups. They could really take a beating!


Yeah. Angrily pressing End Call just isn’t very satisfying


Always good to read about someone from home ! Welcome to the Empires and Puzzles world where patients is the key, learning to strategize to your own needs if communicate with people from around the world. Nice to read that you enjoy the game .


wonderful thread that deserves to be bumped up regularly.

Bookmarked and will read later.

For now:

Hi all, I was born in the Philippines and moved to the Netherlands (after bouncing around in France and Spain). Ran away from home because I am gay and my family wanted me to be straight. :sweat_smile: Yeah, not that easy.

Settling in quite well with my new Dutch boyfriend. Have a corporate job which may or may not be fun.

Love E&P for adding some fresh air to my life (if I mess up in the real world, there are consequences. If I mess up in a Raid, the only thing that gets hurt is my ego).

Started playing E&P around October 2018 (can’t remember if I played the same month Aegir was released, or the month before…) saw an ad in Duolingo, and decided to take a break from learning “useful” French, Spanish and Dutch sentences (like: “I am not talking to you, but to the rhinoceros” or “I cry myself to sleep every night”). Been a regular daily player almost ever since. Except for that one rage quit. But we don’t talk about that.

Happy playing, all.


I’ve been around here a while so many of you might know me already… but I think I actually never introduced myself. So here we go…

I’m 33 years old and live in the south of germany. I work as a Kindergarten teacher and Erlebnispädagoge (no idea how to translate that… online dictionary says experiential education!?).

I play E&P for 1.5 years and just reached lvl 60 :partying_face:
When I don’t play Empires, I like to do bouldering, bikepacking, hanging out with friends at a lake or park with a cool beer. But I can also spend days at home playing games, watching Netflix… especially in winter. Interested in politics, history and all kinds of interesting nerdy stuff.

I really like the friendly E&P community, give and get advice on the forum and finishing sentences with…


I’m sad that I’m just finding this thread. Thanks to those who have revitalized it. :blush:


Hi my name is Bloom. I am an Air Force veteran currently applying my specialized skills as a firefighter in Central Ohio, USA. Born and raised in the great north of Michigan. Thank god, these damn buckeyes are annoying.

Started this game to fill the time during my 24 hour work shifts. This game fits nicely in my every third day work schedule. No kids just a wife and 2 dogs.

Ever since the days of the first final fantasy on original Nintendo, I have been obsessed with tracking numbers to see the impacts on gaming outcomes. Started with pen and paper but have modernized somewhat to an excel spreadsheet. This game gives me plenty of opportunities to run all the statistical equations I want. Currently I am trying to come up with a WOR (wins over replacement, baseball statistic) for my heroes in relation to defense team positions. I know I am a geek. I see all the eye rolls and blank stares already.

So who is next?


You would fit in well with our other thread, don’t you think @Saphirra?




Nah but I’m actually not even from Ohio originally either. But I like it here, and I like Ohio State, so they get my support.

As a firefighter in my area, you also get my support for your service. (EDIT: meaning I support you for being a firefighter, I’m not one myself)

Of course when it comes to college football, you know as well as I do that your guys don’t stand a chance. But underdogs need love too :+1: :grin:


Aye. What was it’s name? Oh yeah, Rare, Freaky, Genetic Mutations club. Inspiration @nevarmaor and @math4lyfe


I am 43 years old. Married + 3. I live in Israel. I work in a small start-up company that deals with artificial intelligence.
I am playing this game since the last days of 2019 (so a bit more than four months). I am a member of the Northern Ice alliance.
I am a dedicated gamer for already more than 30 years.


Hopefully you are still enjoying the game @ Eto

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