Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey, my name is Amr Olwan I am 33 years old and I am from Alexandria - Egypt , I work in Faculty of Education library’s in Damanhour University - Damanhour state - Egypt And I wish you all happy new year 2018 Players :heart_eyes: and Staff :heart_eyes:
Specially my friendly mod @Rook :heart:


I want to tell you that you did an awesome job on the holiday scenes


Can somebody tell me how to post a topic? I want to open one on resource boosting for gems :gem:

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There is a time limit. If a new player posts before this limit, the moderators are tagged to determine if the post can be permitted early.

Now back to topic: WELCOME NEW PLAYERS! :grin:


Hi, my name is Anja, and I am from Germany. (So please do not mind if I do not know the correct game terminology in English. I play in German)

I love this game!
A lovely online game with an ingame chat is exactly what I was looking for, ever since I left Castle Age four years ago. And now I have found it. Great!

Been playing since August, and have now arrived at 3700+ team strength and 2300+ cups. Nice!

Oh … about the cups … I am not really interested in pvp. My first priority is having good heroes for the titan and doing nice titan damage for my lovely alliance.

By the way, I am 57 years old :slight_smile: You are never too old to enjoy an escape from the drudgery of daily life :wink:

I have come to the forum to learn more about the game, especially upcoming events and news.

Happy gaming, dears!


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Sure would be nice to get a pop deal for alliance flasks today lol

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Seems that the powers that be heard your pleas :wink:
I got one today :smile:

Hello I’m Damian 24 years old. My player name is MoralityMadness. Im enjoy long walks on the beach, candl… oh wrong website. :joy: I actually enjoy helping other players out and learning more about the game. I am usually in AR or Peer support helping people.


Hi hi, just wanna say that this game is addictive. :grinning: what do you say?


Hiya! I’m Damaris, a 40+ US transplant living in the UK. I haven’t played a game like this in years (the match-3 aspect drew me in) and it has quickly become more addicting than I expected it to after 2.5 months…:laughing: This forum has been really great for picking up tips that have long been forgotten.


Welcome AnjaValkyre, 67 years here, and also love the game. Hope to meet you in the game. Good Luck!


Hello everyone. I’m Heart of Wolf from Bahahahaha’s Black Sheep .I’ve been in a few different alliance’s but I have found my home. I have made friend’s from all corners of the world. I’m married and I am 50 years old been playing games since pong lol.all I really care about is having fun that’s what it’s all about.


Thank you very much, dear! Nice to see that I am not the only mature lady here! :kissing_heart:

I wish you a great time in the game!

Hello HeartofWolf. This is ZivaDavidisAwesome speaking to you. Nice to See you.:grinning:

Nice to see you to dear

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing since August and finally decided to make an account after lurking on the forums for a few months. I’m a Ph.D. student hoping to defend in a few months, so E&P is a nice way to blow off some steam while writing.


Welcome to the Forum! Look around and join some conversations! :wink:

Hello you all, been playing this for a few weeks I am loving it super addictive!! My name on the game is DreasClan!! I’m doing pretty good I think, I am in a great alliance!!


I am playing here for 5-6 weeks and slowly leveling my team. I am 38 yo from Istanbul and exporter in a private company which deal in commercial vehicles. all best and enjoy the game