Let's improve our Quality of life!

The past year, the game has seen a lot of changes and introduction of new features. And as excited as I am for all the new features that made its way into the game, I think it’s time for SG to look at some of the existing features and see if there are any improvements to be made there. And who better to help them out with that then our own community.

Please keep in mind that these suggestions aren’t about summoning odds or ascension item drops. All the suggestion listed below are to improve the gameplay experience and make the daily grind a bit easier.

I asked the viewers in my last stream for some suggestions to start of this list and this is what we’ve come up with so far:

  1. An auto-autofarm function. Farming is a big part of this game and gathering resources can get quite tedious. Loot tickets have made this a lot easier already, but not everyone has a surplus of those or wants to use them on levels they can autofarm. So our suggestion was to add a counter to farming that allows you to pick the number of runs you wanna make, similar to the loot ticket system.

  2. A scroll bar for your roster. This one is pretty self explanatory. Swiping up and down can be pretty annoying sometimes.

  3. A ‘collect all’ button for TCs. Obviously this has to be programmed so that you can’t exceed your current roster cap, but still would be a nice addition to the game.

  4. Queing buildings/double builders. As many of the more advanced players are approaching a fully leveled base, we think it would be handy to have the option to assign both builders to one building. Either it autobuilds the next level or it would cut the build time in half.

  5. An on/off toggle for pop up messages (the ones you get when you hero cap or food/iron storages are full). This is more of a personal thing I’d like to see happen in game. I currently have no heroes that I want or need to level and my hero cap has been full for quite a while. Previously I used to level some 5* up to 3/70 to get rid of the extra fodder, but with Path of Valor coming, I’d like to save those for when leveling helps me complete some of those challenges.
    But now, every time I farm any level on the map, a pop up shows up that let’s me know my hero cap is full and it gets quite annoying at times. Obviously it would already help if suggestion #1 was a thing and it would only pop up once, but I think a toggle would make things much easier.

  6. This one is kinda linked to the previous suggestion, but the ability to enable/disable hero drops from farming. As many people like to focus on just troops for a period of time and there is no way to train new troops in some sort of troop TC, it would be nice to have the ability to farm them instead of heroes. Of course there’s still RNG involved and it wouldn’t guarantee a drop, but when loot rolls a hero drop, it rerolls till we get a troop.

  7. Allow players to level troop with more than 10 at a time. I understand this is a thing for heroes because there’s some RNG to it regarding leveling special skill, but troops only give flat XP and I honestly don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t be able to level them by the 20 or 30 as long as the food cap allows it. This would probably change some things in the food calc, but I still think it would make things a lot easier.

  8. Push notifications for when war starts and when 2nd half starts. Pretty self explanatory.

  9. The ability to use 10 summon tokens at a time. This one is in anticipation of Path of Valor, where some of the challenges (that are currently still in Beta and could change at any time) require you to summon heroes. That’s why I’d like to be able to use my silver tokens, troop tokens or hero tokens in batches of 10.

  10. The ability to edit you’re chat messages after you sent them. The amount of times I make typos is insane and I hate typos so I need to correct them. (although I’ve probably made a few in here too).

  11. A buy all option for offers which come in multiples e.g. the 99p 200 gem offers that comes during events, the small gems/ emblem package that comes up occasionally. Idea by @genuineness.

  12. Have an option to turn off all those pop up offers at login; the people who are likely to buy them won’t be turning them off anyway! And there’ll still be all those small icons on the side of the game! Idea by @bobiscool

  13. Seperate tab somewhere to store trainer heroes. Nobody uses them as actual heroes, so why not take away the ability to do so and just have them be the experience boost they are. They’re only taking up much needed space in our roster caps!

  14. If someone is online and i have to “reroll”, it would be convenient if it just rerolled to the next revenge in my watchtower
    Same thing if i lose a revenge; take me back to my tower screen or the next revenge instead of the raid screen
    Also when i leave the raid screen and reenter the raid screen, it would be nice if my team selection started on the last team i had pulled up instead of the last team i used(when rush raiding before work or whenever, it has cost me some matches thinkin i was taking the team i just setup but instead I’m taking the last team i used) @Rigs

  15. Collect all for farms and mines as well
    No reason to have to individually click all of them unless we want to.
    Whatever we can’t hold can be left in the farm/mine until next collection @Rigs

  16. Elemental chests and rare titans

They’re only sort of random(they’re actually configured to pop after x amount of chests or x amount of titans, been ignoring the threads that are trying to figure out the elemental chests since i told everyone how they work over a year ago…people just can’t read)

Wouldn’t hurt to have a counter until 1 is “possible”

“X more titan kills until a rare is possible”

“X amount of chest fills until elemental chest is possible” @Rigs

  1. Another thing I’ve heard complained about a lot and even though I’ve played devil’s advocate in most of the discussion.

  2. Sortable Alliance leaderboard

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past

But being able to sort the alliance leaderboard by war score, cup score, titan score, or overall score would be pretty awesome

A simple pin/password setup option to log into the game and/or make purchases would put a lot of parent’s minds at ease and wouldn’t be hard to implement as an OPTION. @rigs

  1. As well as the “collect all” from the training camps (to the hero limit at least) I would like a way to pick what I am collecting. eg, Collect all Ice heroes from a camp running very cheap or other mixtures of heroes. @LouisaB75

  2. A wave counter on all features (map, quests, trials etc.) @NPNKY

The list can go on and on and I wanna hear from you guys what QoL update you would like to see. And again, this is not about summoning odds or ascension drops, so please leave those out.

Let’s hope SG sees this and at least considers some to be implemented in the (short) future.

I have to admit that I agree with most / all of these improvement suggestions.
Additionally, there are lots of very new heroes being introduced on a regular basis. But at the same time there are existing heroes that need to improve ie Quintus, Thorne, Margaret, Agwe, Dawa to name just a few.
My view would be that it would be better for developers to improve existing heroes (not just with costumes) rather than to continue to throw out the high volume of new heroes


Awesome suggestions

Probly could toss some more in myself and will revisit as able

But definitely worthy of votes and discussion


There are a lot of QoL suggestion on this forum (titan and harpoons statistics, more manual push notifications etc). Maybe good idea to create one master thread with QoL suggestions where gather all different suggestions. What you think @Rook @littleKAF @zephyr1 ?


I strongly support #1, #5, #9 (#9 #9 … sorry white album flashback) and would add the ability to filter heroes in the roster. It would be great to, for instance, only view 4* heroes or only view clerics.

As Ideas and Features, would each require a different thread for votes?


I think a S1 hero overhaul would be useful but isn’t really a QoL update. This thread is purely for the improvement of overall daily gameplay. But I appreciate the input!

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Possibly, but in this case you just vote for a QoL update or not. The suggestions made here are all additions to the existing options, so even if you disagree with a suggestion (IF they update), you would still have the option to keep the current settings.


I would like to see a streamlined hero selection screen for war attacks, raids and tournaments.

Right now it can be quite tedious to scroll through all the different unlevelled heroes, feeders, 3* heroes when putting together your raid and war attack teams. I think a good solution would be to disconnect the defense team, Titan team and world map teams from the teams that you have in your roster screen and that show at the top of your roster. The Defense team could be set in the raid screen through the edit team button and no longer be linked to one of the teams in your roster, similar to how tournament defence and war defence teams are set. The Titan and world map teams simply use the last selected team just like it works for class quests, ideally also for each type of titan ( automatically select the team you used against the previous titan of that color rather than any titan ).

That way the hero teams you have available can be used entirely to set up raid and war attack teams in different configurations or to have the heroes you want to show up at the top for these events at the top rather than scrolling through all your heroes to find the ones you want to use.


In that case I voted in favour of a QoL update.

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This is what I had in mind for my roster filter suggestion. I believe there is another thread on this already.

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There is a challenge coming that requires a 10 summon?

Very good thread. I am in for all suggestion. I would add one regarding hero sorting. To enable possibility of excluding some heros ( IE. tournaments I dont want to scroll 4* in 3* tournament). Or to switch off team selection if I want to filter by power. Or to filter only 3*. Or only druid class. I think for many players especially with the roster space more than 200 it would be very usefull.


Maybe, it’s for the Path of Valor, but it can be done with silver tokens I’ve been told, so the game basically provides it.

You need to include reduction in combat animations, relocation or transparency. Tons of votes with no results… thanks :slight_smile:

I’d prefer to keep these items separate and not lump everything together under QoL, as I might agree with some and not others (up till now, and added in the future). :wink:


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Here’s mine!

Another QoL, which I’ve heard rumored, when attacking the titan through Alliance tab don’t default exit to map.