Let's improve my future defense team

Hey all

I pulled some great heroes during the last months and I figured that once they’re levelled, this would be an awesome defense team to build from them:

Do you think of this as a really good team or not? Why?

Here’s the rest of my heroes so you can suggest substitutions:

Thank you all very much in advance!

Nice heroes.

Just switch your Poseidon with your Azlar and you are good to go.

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Why exactly would you switch them?

Azlar is a real punisher, when snipers already lowered sime hp…

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Skills fire from left to right.

My rule of thumb:
Healers / buffer / dispellers / cleansers on the left side
Finishers on the right.

Tide turners on the right wing.

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I would level Anzogh and put him instead of Azlar.
And you did good putting AoE to the left and snipers to the right.


I don’t know that it would be crucial for Poseidon’s buffs to activate before the others fire… Why do you consider it advantageous for tide turners to stand on the right?

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And why would you do that?

He is faster, can heal and your snipers could kill in one shot heroes with 700 hp left (after Anzogh’s hit) as well as heroes with 600 (after Azlar’s hit).


I personally don’t like Poseidon besides that he has a strong snipe hit.

Right wing are the very last heroes to fight usually. Having Azlar to fire at the end raid is to do or die.

Slow heroes IMO are not meant to fight first or they are true battleships to buy time.

Different players have different concept of playing.

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