Let's Improve Game Play by Helping Small Giant Make Enough Money


Here the basics:

  • Small Giant has made a game we enjoy playing! (Who isn’t grateful for that?!)
  • Small Giant has to have enough money to pay their people or it’s good-bye Small Giant (we don’t want them to starve, do we!?).
  • If we make sure Small Giant is making enough money, they will make sure the game is what we want it to be. (And who doesn’t want to make the game more fun!?)

So here’s what I suggest: let’s post and let Small Giant know what things they could do that would make us more likely to send a little money their way. I will reply with some ideas I have.

An Open Letter to the Devs Regarding Mercs

Personally, I would spend more if I felt like I was getting more for my money. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Make each $1 provide more in-game benefit.
  2. Provide smaller purchases right when/where we want/need it.

Example: It take’s $10 -30 to buy enough gems to get an ascension pack from the shop... which then gives me a small chance of getting 1x of an ascension item I need 8 of. I would have to spend hundreds of to ensure I get the ascension materials I need for 1 hero. I would be much more likely to buy if I could spend $5 randomly get 2-7 of a needed ascension item.

Example: Build times are freakishly long. I’m sure I would spend a couple bucks to drop my 6-day build down to under 24 hours. If, for example, I clicked on a building’s “Skip Wait” and there were 2 buttons for me that let me reduce build time by 24 by selecting (a) “Use 200 Gems” or (b) “Spend $1”, I’m much more likely to spend the money than the current system of going to the store (which I never go to), buying 400 gems for $5, coming back to the building, and then selecting the option.


The only was I will ever spend another penny is if the devs listen to the community and bring back the ability to merc. That’s the only chance they have


Lol. I know Bahaha, that’s why I started this thread. They will be able to listen to us better if we’re also helping them in return. I’m guessing the merc change was ultimately driven by a need for more money to support their business.


Not sure how much money it gives them, but one of the things that could both benefit all players in the community (been asked for a lot) as well as their profits is to shorten the waiting time for mystic vision.

Don’t know how much they get paid for the ads, but i know i’m always happy to watch it and would watch hundreds if there was no limit on them :slight_smile:


I think alot of people would spend money for Gigantic offers because right now GEMs are way over priced. So lets say $5 for 900 GEMs (3 summons) or $10 for 2100 GEMs (7 summons). People like me don’t have much money so small values will get me spending and others like me.


I agree with smaller purchases that will still get me value. ‘Coffee money’ - I’d to without my drink at Tim’s to try getting something that would make my gameplay more enjoyable. I would also like to support a game I enjoy, but really can’t drop anything resembling a lump sum. (I guess I could set up a little bank for spare change at home, but that always gets raided…)


Open the game up to more adds. Like the mystic vision.
Shorten that cool down time, or allow people to watch like 5 in a row.


I’m not spending another dime the killed merc


I’ve been playing for 2 weeks, and already spent hundreds of dollars. I do this on other games too. One thing that every other game gives is another type of bonus for spending $100. Usually most games refill world energy or something. This takes those people buying multiple purchases of $50 or $20 incentive to step up to $100 for the energy refill.

Another option is to not kill the game, the day you announce new players. I’ve been waiting as I need some 5-star greens, but there is no way I will spend money until the Merc issue is announced/resolved. It is easy enough to move to a similar game, I will just miss my new friends I’ve made. I would have really liked to buy me a shiny new green 5-star.


Like grinder, I’ve spent a penny or two on this game and I’m willing to spend more provided I see the game going in a positive direction. However, I’m not sure what it is about the game right now but I haven’t really used my gems on much - they’re just gathering dust. Drawing more units and having a diverse line-up just isn’t a big draw at the moment. Although it is typical in other gacha games for units to become completely obsolete until their 6* evolution comes into play, this wouldn’t work here as the units currently have no way of leveling up their star rating. Maybe there is some sort of combination play that can come into play in the future?

Jaz - I’d rather not have the gems price reduced directly as this would alienate all those who spent money on gems before at the old inflated price. I do believe that gems need to be less dear for the F2P and small spenders, and more free gem sources would not be a bad idea. There can also be a premium subscription version of $3-$10 where you will get daily gems for 20 days like many other games do. I also would like a draw bonus toward a guaranteed 5* for those who have terrible RNP - most notably you Jaz. :slight_smile:


Yes i agree smaller purchase would be good i would probly spend more like i do in my other games lol in bubble witch 3 i would spend an extra 10 to get game money to finish a level because u see the points i need to finish level will only cost me 5.99 so to me its like hay its only that so i will purchase that amount to finish level see the smaller dollor amount intiised me to spend and i know it will others and parent of children that play this game will be more willing to shell out money if the amount of cost was lower i do this for my kids steam account so i am saying dav/staff you would make more money going this root as many games have gone


I have been playing since the beta version. Before 30 members in an alliance. I have spent some $$$ on this game ( not too much) and slowly I find this game losing its luster. Maybe a good idea for people that are trying hard to lvl up or ascend the chars would be to increase the drop rates in the map as well as during Titan attacks. Alliance battles would also bring in excitement and give players a reason to be in and stay loyal to their respected alliances. Trading should not be an issue with alliance members either. Maybe just limit the trades so a person just cannot create a new char and be loaded with a 5* team. The current purchase price for gems right now in my opinion is WAY TOO HIGH when a person buys 2000 gems and only gets 1-2 4* chars 0 5* chars and the rest all 3* it’s kinda tough to open my wallet. Want ppl to spend a bit more ???
Character level requirements for heroes.
( can not just buy the best team without actually playing the game )

Lower purchase price

Increase drop rates for the map and titans

Increase loot for being in higher ranked alliances. ( killing 9* titans vs killing 2* )


This is the best solution. Almost every other free game that I have played has practically unlimited optional ads that you can choose to watch for free stuff in the game. I don’t understand why this game limits has it on a timer. Seems like a simple way to increase revenue!


I’d imagine balance is a factor in unlimited video ads, but I’m just speculating.


I had the same thought. The mystic vision offers some good treasure so having it unlimited just would not make sense from a balance point of view.


I enjoy the game and because of that I have spent some money on it. The reason I am reluctant to spend more is simple, spending $100 and only getting 3* heroes from summons is pointless. I may as well feed the money to the dog at least then the dog would be amused for a while.


Finding ways to nickel and dime us to death would be highly effective. $2.99 is a common price point for a reason. I spent money trying to get a 4* fire hero, got three 3*'s and gave up. If a pop up offering another summon for 200 gems or 2 more for 400 would’ve happened, I would’ve bought it. Just couldn’t see my way to purchasing another gem pack after three 3*'s. I’d also love to purchase alliance energy refills. Titans are on a timer. It doesn’t matter if I kill it in an hour or 15 so I wouldn’t be getting extra rewards. I’d just like to do more to help my alliance. The devs took the gigantic deals away and I wish they bring them back for everyone. Have them pop up randomly and I’d snatch them up frequently. The current featured offers are not a good deal for me. They’re 1400 gems for 3 summon tokens and a hero I already have, or don’t want. That leaves me with gem packs as my only purchase choice. I’m not doing that for 3 more 3* heroes. Nickel and dime me to death and lots of gotcha offers. That’s what works.


The random draws make money but only seem to crush people’s hope. I’ve put a bill on the game to get a decent team. It shouldn’t cost that much because average budgets can’t support it.

I’ve sworn off buying the shopped random ascension items. That is what I really need but yo lay down 300 gems on a backpack and normal shield is totally demoralizing.


I feel stuff tgat you can get from the map should be removed from the package purchase and those pack only have item in them that you cannot get on the map as will for titan loot and wanted loot as well