Let's help one of our own after tragedy

Hello everyone!

Here’s a bit of a personal story, however, please stick it out and give it a read. I’m not great with words but I’ll give this a shot :slight_smile:

About 15 months ago, my life got even brighter. I was fortunate enough to meet someone I am proud to now call one of my best friends and it was all thanks to Empires & Puzzles. A lot of you will know Ghost from Peer Support as a friendly bloke that likes to have a laugh, lend a hand and give advice whenever he can. Whilst I also know him as that friendly Ghost (@Ghost2), I also know him as Branden. I know him as a mate that I have spent almost every day for the past 12 months talking to. I know him as the mate who was willing to jump on a plane and travel halfway around the world to be at my wedding. I know Branden as the co-leader to the Alliance we created together and I know Branden as a guy who would literally give you the shirt off his back to keep you warm. Branden has helped me through a lot of mental issues related to my military service in Afghanistan and now, I’d like to take the opportunity to pay it back. Unfortunately, some of you may have noticed his absence for the past couple of months.

At the end of December 2019, Ghost was involved in a horrible car accident that has left him with some horrific injuries. These injuries are going to take a substantial amount of time to heal (broken vertebrae in his neck, broken sternum, broken arm to name a few). He was in a medically induced coma and intubated for the first few days to deal with the injuries. Unfortunately, Ghost did not have an active health insurance and is now facing an immense amount of costs for the ongoing medical treatment.

Ghosts family has created a GoFundme to try and help with these medical costs and to try and get him better. Should anyone find it within their hearts to help a very special man, both myself and his family would be forever grateful. Should you wish to reach out and take a look, please feel free to check out this link

If you’ve read this far, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Should you not wish to donate financially, I’m sure Ghost would get a kick out of tagging him here and sending him some love.

Thanks in advance everyone! Let’s show the world how amazing gaming communities can be :slight_smile:




@Ghost2 (Branden). First of all you have a true best friend in Cav. Every respect and every credit to him.
And for you, I sincerely wish you a full and speedy recovery. Love and best wishes for your future gaming. Take care of yourself and chin up …


@Ghost2 Best wishes and I wish you a full recovery!

Just dropped in what I saved up on being angry about the loot tix reduction^^ so this might have something good at all.


May your recovery be as quick and pain free as possible!


@Ghost2 My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. :pray:


My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear @Ghost2. Keep fighting hard. Never give up, and never get discouraged. In the end everything somehow finds a way of working out. Be safe, brother.


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