Let's fix Aegir


Who would you flank him with?


I would put Ares and Guinevere.


The problem with this is “Guinevere.” Due to who she is any flank next to her is good hell you could throw a 3* as her flank and you still have a dam good chance.


AoE hitters as Azlar, Quintus… maybe Horghall, Jusice and (even if it would have his same color) Isarnia.


What is a foank? 20 chars.


Flank… “O” is right above" the letter “L” and typing on a mobile phone you can easily bump a letter close to your target letter on a small “thumb” keyboard. But it will be corrected.


The flanks are the heroes next to the tank :slight_smile:


Haha, I was actually eager to learn a some new E&P Jargon. But I meant to ask who would fit next to Aegir. Foreigner said Guinevere would fit next to Aegir and serve as a flank. Do you agree?


I know, but thanks for explaining! I honestly thought foank existed. Like ‘‘Fake Obviously - Tank’’.


Guin loses her effectiveness at flank, regardless of who is at tank. Would be better off goin vice versa and stackin her n aegirs heals but even then AI dont deal normal damage enough for his heals to be effective.


Honestly I see Aegir as absolutely dog s***. Your best way to use him is sitting him on your bench.

But if you absolutely feel you must use him you best bet would be anyone that can amplify his special . Remember Aegis heal portion of his special only applies to normal damage. This means when you are attacking matching g tiles, and if he is on defense only on auto attacks. His life link on the other hand is a liability to your flanks so you may need a way to overcome this.

If you don’t mind color stacking I would say something like Triton (who amplifies healing) this will help make sad healing a bit better. Triton can be used in a wing position and still reach Aegir and heroes that are effected by his special.

On his flank anyone that can increase normal damage done is a plus. So Ares Khiona, etc. These specials will increase damage done and in turn offer bigger helas on normal damage.

Lastly you could try Wu Kong in a wing position. You run the risk of missing more but if you hit while under the effect of Wu’s special it will provide more healing.

With that said you leave your self with little healers (minus Ares if applicable) so it is much more sensabke to just pack a real healer and drop Agir all together. Another problem is if all the stars align you still have the potential for the enemy to just clens all your special abilities making everything pointless in this senario, or worse yet put Agie and his flanks at high risk. This happens when Agir pops his special and life links he’s flanks only to be bobarded not only dragging himself down but his allies. This is due to the fact that the life link only bridges 3 heroes. Aiger and his closest allies. Where as Wilbur who life links your entire team distributing the damage evenly among all 5 heroes.

In the end if you really want life link on your team you are far FAR better off (statistically not opinionated) by taking Wilbur and a true healer rather than Aegir.


I like Foank :rofl:
A catchy name for future hero maybe…



I can see how this information is useful for someone who insists (“has to” I wouldn’t say) on using Aegir. I like to read and learn about it more, even though I don’t have the hero. Thanks for sharing.


I will add more fuel to the fire.

I just fought an Aegir tanked team:

I did not stack colors, just used my regular map team, and hit the tank with all I had, I focused my attacks on him, mostly green and blue tiles, here’s how it went:

He fired off his special twice, then Gravemaker, and I just kept throwing everything at him, eventually his own special helped me to kill off GM and Khiona (Grimm’s attack worked great, since all three damages were split evenly amongst them).

and well, after they died, I cleansed GM’s special with ZIm, and then finished off Leonidas and Greg.

Even Wu, who is rather fragile, survived the battle.

Aegir sucks, period.



Only lost 300 cups? That’s a good night for Aegir!


Perfect example of Agir doing more harm than good. By not distributing the damage among the whole team and just 3 you can see easily in photo #2, that Aegir caused a center wipe (center/tank and two flanks) before the wings took little if any damage.


Also, since I focused my attacks only on him, his flanks did not charge fast enough, they pretty much died from mostly indirect damage.

During battle, GM charged and fired off once between Aegir’s specials, and Khiona did get to charge, but she was already low on health and did not have a chance to fire off.

Curious fact: this battle happened right after I fought a Kashhrek tank team, which I had to rematch and color stack to beat (lineup was Grimm-Cyprian-Kashhrek-Hu Tao-Sabina, all of them trainable 4*, while this team above was made up of 4 HOTM and one trainable 5*).


Seen so many threads about how bad he is and the fact that he is a HOTM, shouldn’t SG do something about it? :tired_face:


Gravemaker is good, but not to the point that he can edit other heroes.
I think you meant SG :wink: