Let's fix Aegir

There is already a post about why he is so problematic but most people aren’t making suggestions on how to fix him there just saying that he is awful especially on defense. This seems to be a big problem for me as he is designed as a center tank on a defensive team at least that’s what I would assume. So what can be done to make him a decent hero for defense? Make his life steal longer? Make it so it can’t be dispelled? Make it and/or the shared damage and nature buff hit his whole team? Make it heal damage from specials as well (obviously at less of a percentage than normal say 25%?

In my opinion there needs to be another viable 5 star tank option besides Guin (not looking to bash guin) they tried with both Aegir and Boss Wolf but so far they have fallen way to short in my opinion. Not saying these two should be Guins level but you should see them more frequently than you do with top Raid defense teams.


how to fix aegir

add 1 more perk to his special that effects the opponents in a negative way. something any viable tank needs.


Got it any suggestions? Lower enemies defense, attack, (we already have Mana reduction from the other 2 tanks guin and boss wolf).

I have an idea…

put him back to the beta version where he gives blanket +DEFENSE

Increase his & Guin’s power rating so that he & Guin cannot be in the same team together.

There, fixed that for you.


Got it never saw him in Beta, thnx for the imput.

would probably need to be something from another blue hero since that seems to be the trend with 5* special heros and new hotm.

defense dropping made him over powered.

attack dropping would make him overpowered when teamed with zeline.

kirils buff would make him overpowered.

dispel is more a flank or wing perk, not much of a tank perk.

maybe strike 3 enemies like grimm and karil?

about the only blue special skill left that might keep him from being considered overpowered.

Here was my idea at the end of beta; I’ve posted it a few times but will keep pushing since I believe it’s much better than his current form. Unfortunately now that he is released I don’t think they’ll ever do more than tweak his numbers a bit.

Mana: Slow

  • The caster and nearby allies share received damage with each other for 5 turns
  • The caster and nearby allies heal 50% of the normal damage they deal to enemies for 5 turns
  • The caster an nearby allies get +10% defense and an additional 5% each time they are hit for 5 turns, up to +50%.
  • Elemental Link recovers 4% health for all Ice allies for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

He doesn’t need much just change it from heals for " 100% normal damage" done to, heals for 100% normal damage done and x% special damage.

Now you don’t have to worry about slow auto attacks, and gives him synergy with other heroes without making agir himself over powered. You could use borils shield, any hero with minions etc. And you don’t change the hero himself.

i dont understand why they did his heals that way instead of a normal heals over turns. It’s not overpowered for guin or aeron or alby


I like his heal of the normal damage. It is lucrative with Wu & attack buffers.

He seems like a fun niche hero to go on offense with.

Just not the perfect Tank is all.

I like this but your right that is too much for them to change at this point I think.

i like it buuut slow tanks lose a lot of value towards diamond arena where everyone has an arsenal of fast or very fast hitters

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Ya replacing his damage thing with the heal overtime, nature defense buff and shared damage with all his team would make him pretty solid.

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what if reduced healing recieved of 3 targets by 50 or 75% for 4 turns, cant be removed. would that be too overpowered? i mean there are 4* that do that and that would be using part of perseus special along with the nature buff

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would also help make him viable on offense and defense. a decent guin counter on offense and a better tank on defense if he’s flanked by fast hitters or gravemaker

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I agree less heal, more rounds and can’t be dispelled would be great. Not op but would make him viable. Make it happen please Devs :slight_smile:

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The proposal to put more turns to the same, etc is patching to leave it the same, what has been done with Quintus. A tank, or cure much, or provides defense to the near ones or to all or collaborates with the damage, being doing direct damage or stealing mana, etc. Everything else is to get it out of being C to make it B very low. It is a defensive tank for the love of God.

so adding an effect that increases 3 opponents healing recieved by -50% or -75% won’t change anything? only the turns will?

because idk about you but guins heals can be annoying as well. an average mana 5* combatant to the healing of her and her tanks would be a pretty decent offensive tool.

then when flipped to defense, kinda hard to heal when u only get a partial effect of the healing recieved while tryin to take down an average mana tank and 2 fast hitting flanks

The healing is already 100% of normal damage (which in practice does not exceed 100 hp or little more, is almost irrelevant), raise that effect does not change. Another thing would be to talk about overall percentages of healing on HP, complete or steal that HP from the opponent (damage). Of normal damage, to be relevant we would have to talk about a minimum 400%.

yea what i said went completely over your head. no offense.

i was thinking of a 3 target special that has an effect similar to perseus or the sand heros.

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