Let's find the truth or Apple, Google investigations check

It’s not a complaint, not a cry, not a pathetic request. I am just want to know - i am playing normal game with its rules, that are definitely honest, or completly unfair? As i can see a lot of players complain about “random”, it’s normal, it would be strange if there were not, BUT the size of this makes to think. Of course people who were “lucky” (i mean who received a lot with or without spendings) won’t say bad about it, but even they realize that something not work properly. I know probability theory, but support answered me, when i first time contacted to them and of course “no guarantee of anything”, that there are DIFFERENT factors that affect on hero drop.
So i see there 2 oprions.

  1. SGG tell us exactly that there no cheat from their side and prefered with any concrete examples.
  2. We demand Apple or Google investigate their company about such things.
    In any case customers (players) won’t loose anything (IF ONLY ALL GOOD), so please tell your opinion about exactly that theme.
    P.S. made screenshots of theme, just in case of sudden and without reason block :wink:
    Added. If Apple or Google won’t find anything it will be good and positive result.

I don’t know why you would want Apple and Google to investigate. This game is completely random in its loot and hero drop. It’s based on RNG and luck.
Implying SGG is cheating is a bold statement and so far, me or anyone I know playing, has seen any sign of this happening.
I’m curious to know what motivated you to start this topic.

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“It’s based on RNG and luck” - only that. I played a lot of games with various things like that and for my opinion it can’t be so simple wrong. Just saying again - it’s not complaint etc, i am just wanna know - it’s normal or not? I met games where developers lied to their players, who made them to spend more money by their policy and it was obvious in one time. After that there were huge amount of refund. Game didn’t close cause maybe google and apple had a good piece of pie there, but they refunded money for a period of time more than normal. Only me received refund for 6 months from Apple and 4 months from google (where you can see such that?). I knew people who received 50k$ their… So as i told at beggining - i am only want truth.

Truth about what? What ate you implying?

I am implying of how that mysterios chance works. I spend money, summon heroes, receive nothing, i don’t spend money, receive 5* heroes… It’s really not that point, you misundertood mine questiong. I only want to know it’s fair game or it will be huge refund from playes after some time when the truth come out.

R U saying that SG rigging the chances for one players to get nothing and other to get everything? This is ridiculous.

Maybe ridiculous. But in fact it’s not so simple as you can think. Before the topic start i examined a lot of information - statistic, points of view, opinions, various themes there… etc. So it’s not sudden complaint, not even a complaint, as i said at beggining. Ridiculous to have have such a spread options of drop, point on that.

I think I understand your initial comment.

This is what I think, FWIW:

  • I have played other online games that are dependent on RNG (or “luck” if you like).
  • I had roughly the same luck there, that I have here.
  • I always knew someone “more lucky” and “less lucky” than me. It was on a line, from low to high, everywhere the games were similar.

I think it’s just how this type of game is designed.

If you think SG is lying to its player base to wring money from them, that is a highly serious accusation, and I wouldn’t do so without proof.

If you are convinced, then investigating makes sense. Trying to poll other players to see “who’s with me?” makes less. :face_with_monocle:


No one is forced to purchase the packs or summonings. As long as it is stated at the beginning that you will received “at least 3” of the items pictured and a person still decides to roll the dice, then there is no foul. It states that you will have “a chance” at a Legendary hero. When you purchase your summons, you are agreeing to that set of conditions. Again, there is no foul. Either you accept it and make the purchase or you don’t and do not make the purchase. The RNG frustrates me most of the time, but when I elect to purchase “a chance” at a legendary creature and do not receive one it is a chance that I have already accepted as I clicked the purchase button.


This game and games like it are a form of gambling and probably should be regulated.

Maybe your right, so by this reasoning your chances of having any future “luck” in this game has just ended! Don’t be surprised when I pull a major 5* hero because I openly state that I believe your theory has no merit! I’m just confused about one thing, why would SG deny you luck when you’re a paying customer and then decide to grant you better chances when you didn’t

A refund? Really? Whatever I’m done…

It boils down to this.

  • You spend cash. You get gems. 100% of the time. No RNG involved.

  • You use those gems in-game. On various different things. Speed up chests, speed up buildings, or summons (heros/troops/deals). For summons RNG kicks in.

You always get exactly what you pay for (which is gems), the rest is a bit murky.
A convenient little loop hole, but thats the basic setup.


Thanks Fledoble! You beat me to it.

I’ve just read Apple’s rule on Loot boxes, and it doesn’t apply because we players usually buy gems, not items. (On Special packages, the wording is right there: “Guaranteed”, or “At least two of…” Read the Daily Summons fine print for getting heroes.)

SG is being up front on this, even if you don’t like the results. By Apple’s wording, they have to give you the gems you pay for…which they naturally do. :wink:


You spend cash to get casino chips… those chips are then used for various things at a casino…I don’t spend money on the game. I don’t have any issue with those who do. But to spend $100 or $1000 hoping to get a certain hero with no guarantee is a form of gambling

Like I said, its a gray zone. But the logic still holds.

You dont have to spend your “chips” on heros. You can choose to spend them on other things in-game.

The fact that you choose to spend them on hero summons, is completely up to you.


The problem with that is that you would never need to spend money on this game if it wasnt for percentage draws. There is more than enough diamonds given freely to reset mission chests and the cost to speed up buildings is so off base that it would be a ridiculous waste of money to do so. What else do you spend gems on? The occasional hero slot increase? Maybe a flag reset? I would surely not spend 2400 gems to fill up my resources in the gem shop. The whole economy of this game is based on random draws… Whether it’s heroes, troops or featured packs in the gem shop.

Im also curious what part of my arguement you disagree with. That the summon gate is a form of gambling or that it should be regulated? Wouldn’t you want to know from the developers the percentage chance of getting a 5* hero?

Sure, I’d like to know. But I do know the percentages on TC20, so if I’m unlucky at the Summon Gate, I just shift my attention.

The bottom line is I don’t spend a cent I don’t want to…and nobody can make me! :wink:


Fellows, you lost the original point :roll_eyes: I am not asserting that something wrong, i am only asserting that something COULD be wrong. If you know some days ago people began to claim about lost heroes in training camp. SGG in one time conrifrmed that, but in second time nothing really did. So let’s imagine such thing - something in “random” chance not work properly or work in awful way. Why i should trust by words that all is normal? I suppose that something wrong, it’s my opinion, probably some people have same opinion. Why you blaime me that i don’t trust their chance? It seems that you try to make me deal with that and jyst shut, why? Just tell me why you try to point there on different things that i didn’t mention? AGAIN! I am not complaing, not crying for help or justice, i am only want to know all this is normal and by law or not, what is hiding? As i told in beggining, if all is good, then good, i will know that all is good from 3rd side.

And thats why I’m saying it is a gray zone.

You buy gems. You get what you pay for.
You use gems. RNG is involved.

Sure, I’d like exact numbers stated by SGG.
Sure, I’d love better odds.
I’m not disagreeing here.

I’m just stating thats there is a legal loophole where they dont need to publish those numbers. Because you buy gems. Not summons.

Your assumption that everybody uses gems for summons (however correct it might be) has no impact on the fact that you buy gems. Not summons. You use gems for summons.

But I’m peacing out of this thread now.

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