Let's DoT it (damage over time videos/teams)

For all the dot-lovers out there, show your best shot.

I’ll start with my rainbow dot, with a quite a nice table too.


Now this is a thread I can get behind!!!

This is my standard Aegir hunting squad:

Wins about 98% of raids vs. Aegir (data to prove it too :wink: )

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I use Rana on every attack in raids and I love DoT she saved me so many times.

This is one example video.

I have a few more videos in raids with biggest names in the game we’re Rana was one of crucial heroes to win.


Rana was my first maxed 5* and I also love her. Great hero in every way.


Yes, she is really heavy hitter. I can’t imagine raid attack without here.

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Very nice, thanks for the video.

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The thing I love the most is she stops healer to heal, big damage on DoT, dispellers can’t dispel sand attack and on talent she can withstand specials.

A rainbow DoT shot team without cleanse against a stronger double cleansed def. My Vela is @4.11 and JF @3.70.

Risky sour on the DoTs :wink:


Great fun @Olmor! Thanks for sharing.

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This vid showed every dot dealer you had die lol and you won because of two healers lol. I hope this vid wasnt supposed to show how useful this stack was cause that match would have been over way before that had u used a sniper or 2 lol

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It’s not about who is top dog but using dot-dealers for fun.

You don’t think these videos show best possible heroes players have, do you? It takes guts to go against stronger team with rainbow dot, and skill to pull it through as a winner. Dots are nice, and at least for me something new to put together “edit: as a rainbow” after I got Vela and JF.

It’s not just about that its also about showing how dot heroes can be useful not just fun that match at high speed was long as hell and only showcased that it took two healers for it to last as long as it did and he still barely won. In regular speed that match was almost to the timers. You can look at a fight and see what you want that’s what I saw when watching the video. Dots are nice but there were other dot heroes before these two. So let’s see some with rana, lady locke, natalya, morgan lefay you know the original dots

McDoT & DHoT :wink:

MC = Mana Control
DoT = Damage over Time
DH = Direct Heal
HoT = Heal over Time

I like to have HoT and direct heal in one team. They probably didn’t die if I had cleanse. Azlar finished my non maxed HoTs and Proto.

I used JF right before Kunchens cleanse, but his secondary special possibly saved my b…ack there. Afterwards I had to wait for Viv and that worked. I often have two healers left protecting each other.

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Take a look of my first video, there you can have all the ranas, proteus and morgans your heart desires. And it took much less than 2 minutes.

It’s the same with snaipers, dotties and healers, if the table is good you’ll probably win fast.

I will run one healer and a tank with a heal, there were times I ran two healers and with the team you were using makes sense as damage is low, did notice all the things you had available at your disposal. Seeing lady of the lake with those dots around her was nice.

I was just saying that’s what I saw when watching the video. All I kept thinking was man had he used such and such this match would have been over already. Your match with the dots was spectacular especially with the board. His with dots versus dot was not so fun looking. It kept dragging on and should have been over with me thinking thank god he pulled it at the end.

Two totally different vibes watching his video and yours.

Since I recorded that first match I’ve raided 6 times with that same team. 5 wins, one loss. I’ve rerolled a couples of times to avoid cleansers, because they can make you lose easily or at least lengthen the fight. For those I would choose snipers and colour stacking too, but today is for rainbow dotties.

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