Let's do some RAAAAIIIDS! Vol.2

I just found another one. Dont tell this one tho


I literally just forwarded him another one from someone else, lol. Poor Perma. lol

Grab a beer and enjoy.

That is sooo not what I read at first. Too much boar and frog influence in my life.

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The other might be true as well, who knows… :yum:

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Hahaha, that was awesome mate !

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So we meet again! haha. Sorry, didn’t get the recording of the revenge, went 3/2 with Drake - Pos - Ursena - Ona and Rigard.

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lol awesome, I might actually have a vid for you Mr. Been raiding and recording randomly…

Volume 2 out… Testing stuff out…


Great vids. Question what app do you use that it records you and the screen?

Thx man… I’m on an Android S8 and just use it’s own built it gaming app. But you could DU Recorder, I believe it has the selfie bubble feature…

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