Lets do 6xAtlantisPulls and 1xAscensionChest - will stop if a 5* is hit :P

here we go

20 chars…

no 1

no 2

no 3

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no 4

no 5

no 6

bummer :confused:

20 cahrsasdasdas

bonus ascenson chest

at least a sturdy shield for my ascending gadeirus… even thoughi would have gotten it next rare quest… in a week…

bummer :confused:

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It happens- wish you better luck next time!

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yup. cant always get a 5* from first pull.
happened once. guess ill have to wait until the luck bag fills up again :slight_smile:

Still, your pulls went better than mine, I got 10x 3*, actually, I had 17× 3* streak :laughing:

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