Let's become new founders of a new family together!


:tada::tada: Grow Together Thai is a newly established alliance. Currently, we have only 3 members. Let’s become new founders of this new family together! Great able players and new potential players are very warm welcome.

This is an international alliance. The only two requirements are:

  1. everyday attack on the Titan
  2. use all flags on the war

We would like to recruit anyone who wants to grow together. The alliance will have relaxed atmosphere, with no drama. Information will be exchanged in the alliance to help everyone, especially newbies, to grow fast.

Good and reliable players will be promoted. We will be like a family. Hope to see you soon! :grinning:

Search for “ Grow Together Thai


@Titee hi, congrats on the new alliance but I have to be realistic with you.

I made a new alliance 2 months ago everyone above 2000 cups, loyal and active.
We have had 2/3 merge possibilities with alliances in the same boat as us.
Recruiting is so difficult! Good luck, however I would look at joining a pre made group.
Regards Bully
Edit*** I have looked up your alliance, if you’re happy recruiting new players you should be good.


Thank you for your comment. I had been supporting two alliances from nearly beginning until they reached attacking 7* and 9* titans. I understand that recruiting is a difficult and perseverance task, but it is a new challenging dimension of the game that I would like to taste. Also, starting a new family gives me (and some people like me) a refreshing and warm feeling. I know it will be a long way to go. I hope that there will someone willing to join my way.

Anyway, many thanks to your comment.

PS. I’m not quite realistic playing on this game as most part of this game requires more of my fantasy imagination. :slight_smile:


We now have 8 members. We are growing fast.

Come and join us!!

Please go and check Grow Together Thai alliance.