Let's be fair here

Have you ever saved up a good or large number of feeders to level a Hero? How about when feeding, have you ever done so at a semi fast pace. Select 10 and click ‘LEVEL UP’. Select 10 and click ‘LEVEL UP’. Select 10 and click ‘LEVEL UP’. Over and over and over. Have you ever accidentally gone over what was needed to meet the level requirements? What happened? You just lost X feeders in your attempt to expedite performing a monotonous repetitive task! That is what! Ouch!

Have you ever gone to one of your training camps that has say has 671d 22h of recruits training to make a withdrawal and when 36 are available to be collected you took out 100 at no additional cost instead? Whoops! NO, YOU HAVE NOT! Lol.

You see where I might be going with this?

What brought it to the forefront as a request as well as a complaint is that the feeding past level requirements has happened countless times to me. In my friends’ case this afternoon they only needed a couple red trainer heroes to meet Scarlett’s current level requirements and went over 7-8 with 2 & 3* trainer heroes! Octa Ouch!

The game should be fair in its limiting of deposits and withdrawals equally. Let us get this on the docket please!

This is why I always kept trainer feeders for the last levels at the last tier. That almost always guaranteed the special was at 8/8, and I wouldn’t waste heroes when I reached max level.


What’s your thoughts on how to prevent those mistakes from happening? What feature would you add?


Simply it stops the deposit, just like any common interface that is automated… easy peazy. If 2 are needed and you try to put in the 3rd, it simply doesn’t allow it.


So it would automatically stop highlighting any feeders that go over? Okay. I can dig it.

I wonder if this should be in the Ideas category, so we can vote on it? @JonahTheBard?


Sounds like a great idea Mothra - thanks for the Q&A there. JonahTheBard is a good guy! Sounds good let me know if there is anything I can do to assist. Appreciate it.

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Woah, steady on @Razor… You’ll ruin my bad-boy reputation


Yeah, I definitely want this fixed. =) voted and spread to groups.


I can’t tell you how many times it has happened to me. I am tired of trying to catch myself in saving my feeders. I agree 100% there should be a feature to prevent it. Great idea!!! I voted let’s get this passed and into the game!!! =-)


I sometimes intentionally overfeed. Sometimes I’m chasing the higher % to increase my special and not fussed about the lost XP.

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Actually it is working already. If you are 8/8 on skill level and then try to overfeed at an ascension checkpoint then the game not allows you to select any more feeders.
I agree that overfeeding for skill increase is a waste on 5*.
They shall just create a pop message after you reach the exp that
“You already reached the required experience amount, any additional feeder will count into skill increase only”
And if someone want to use that FEATURE, then let it be used. It helps on 3* and sometimes on 4* too


Hey CR!

Yeah its between ascensions that this occurrence nabs me and others… starting at 2/1 and 3/1 usually have them maxed 8/8 before 4/80 or 4/70… however this doubles up with the costumed heroes and the costumed side is very short in comparison so even more opportunities for the overfeeding. Yeah a message box or lock or just can’t select/highlight more feeders would be awesome!

I still think its funny that I never ever even considered or thought about the 8/8 until I ran short on my Melandor costume just months ago lol… the 3* I never chased the special skill max if they were short so don’t have that experience ha ha ha. So assuming I never was short on a 4* or 5* in nearly 3 years…



Great idea :+1:t2:. Our resources are scarce enough as is and too precious to waste. Similar is when you log on and your ham or iron are full or even recruits and then you cannot recoup those items either. There should be a warning :warning: or a mechanism where the extra overage of ham/iron/troops stay in a buffer/temp storage so you can empty them out after you use or transfer the items to a farm, training camp, forge, etc. Instead, you are told that you are full as it fills up and you cannot recoup the overage. Ham and iron are wasted. Let’s fix this too while we are at it. Sometimes, it happens when you are logging on because war ended or a titan was killed while away. Why can’t you go into the game and make space and come back and click on the button to collect your loot AFTER? You currently cannot access the game UNTIL you click on the button and collect the loot/prize and end up getting a message “You have maxed your storage make more”. But it’s too late and even if you could upgrade a farm or iron storage right then, it won’t let you do that or use the overage. This game can be costly, don’t let us waste what you give us. Thanks

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Yes! Please! 1000 times yes, jeebus every time this happens I feel like I’ve been had.

Seriously, how was it even implemented like this in the first place?


To be fair to the OT, this really should have it’s own topic.

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As stated, this feature is already enabled. If the skill reaches 8/8 you can’t overfeed that hero anymore. I’ve noticed this several days ago, maybe weeks.

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Originally overfeeding had a reason for it to be allowed. It gave you extra chances to increase a difficult special skill.

I’d also note that if the special skill is maxed already the game disallows overfeeding.

That was before the change that made the odds of a special increase 5x normal after a hero was maxed, considerably reducing the cost.

Now the only valid reason to consider overfeeding would be for early game players with a hero that isn’t special skill maxed but will be stuck for ascension materials (a 4* stuck at 3/60, or a 5* stuck at 2/60; the odds of 3/70 not maxing a special skill are really low)

I’d rather have it disallowed or at least a confirmation dialogue, as I have made this mistake when feeding fast or on autopilot before.


It’s definitely happened to me a few times when not paying attention. Usually followed by the horror that I’ve just wasted my precious fodder!

I can’t say I have ever intentionally over fed a hero to purposely increase the odds of leveling up the special but if that’s a feature people still use, then perhaps we can just highlight any additional heroes after the max is reached in a different color? This allows people to overfeed if they want but provides a visual cue that you’ve reached the exp max when selecting feeders. Or as some have mentioned, a confirmation dialogue when you select level up.

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I was feeding a Costumed Melendor today, and when he was at Max for ascension, it still allowed me to add more feeders. Almost threw away a 3* Trainer. I think @Razor 's idea is geared for more specifically those instances.


Yes, it should stop you before overfeeding.

Has it ever happened to me? Not that I can recall. I don’t stock up heroes and feed all at once. I mostly feed as soon as I get them. It’s less exciting that way, I don’t usually get to see a hero move up 5-10 levels in a row. Sometimes they don’t even go up one level.

Every time I get close to cap for a certain ascension level, I pay close attention. Do I really need to feed a 2* hero to get them to 70, or can I get them there with a 1*? I actually get a little OCD when it gets that close. Obviously, in the long game, it doesn’t really matter much if I waste a feeder or two here or there. But I don’t like wasting anything. Game definitely shouldn’t allow people to waste mats (in fact, off topic, that’s one of my gripes with the PoV dailies… forcing me to use really good battle items when I’m not doing any tough battles that would necessitate using them? SHAME, SG. Those things aren’t cheap, you know. Items like midnight roots don’t just grow on trees. They grow under trees. Like way under trees. And you’re lucky if you pull one of them out of every three farming runs.

Ordinarily when it comes to a situation like this, I might say “oh well you should pay more attention to what you’re doing”… but seriously. Game is grindy enough as it is when we’re not making absent minded mistakes. Don’t think it’s too much to ask for them to give us a heads up notification before we sacrifice half a day’s worth of work for nothing.


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