Let us gamble for skill levels while our hero is stuck on ascension level


I tried to search for a similar topic, and while I did find this suggested in another, it was a compilation of a dozen suggestions, and I felt it sort of got lost in there. This is definitely a topic that needs more attention.

So as the title says, let us gamble for skill levels when our hero is stuck on ascension levels.

As things are now, it is not unlikely that heroes can spend weeks if not months stuck there while waiting for the proper loot to fall upon us, and if the RNG gods were not in our favor at the time, their skill levels will be stuck as well, since we can’t feed cards to our heroes before ascending them.

Cannot increase Skill when waiting on Ascension Items

Didn’t quite understand what you’re asking.

Is this a suggestion to let us keep feeding heros to level special skill while at max level/ascension?

Or a thread for “best leveling” strategy?


The fact that this is in the “Ideas & Feature Requests” category should imply that this is, in fact, a suggestion.

As it stands currently, when our hero is “max level”, but not at top ascension, the game doesn’t let us feed cards to them to increase skill level.


No need to get snippy, just asking for a clarification haha! :slight_smile:


Big yes for this, had my Throne stuck for weeks with a 3/8 skill.


You are asking for the game to permit you to keep feeding 4/5* heroes that are maxed level, but not fully ascended. Got it.

I’m not sure I agree. 3* are not as powerful as the 4/5*, but can be skilled up because they don’t get held up waiting for ascension loot…but the 4/5* cards are more powerful.

I see it as a trade off. And I hope my 4* skill up before I hit the wall on ascension items (“you hear me, Scarlett?!”) :grin:


I disagree. It is perfectly possible to have a 8/8 skill on a 5* hero stuck on ascension level 2 if one is blessed with enough luck. It basically punishes those with less luck even more by locking them to the skill level their luck allowed. The system is flawed and needs to be fixed.


Soooo you want the game to grant the same LUCK to everyone? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No. The person will still need to feed cards and ham for ATTEMPTS at leveling the skill. The success with the attempts would be still subject to the % chances from cards.


How is this different from the system currently in place?

(I’m not being obtuse; genuine here…)


The problem here is when our hero is stuck between ascension levels (due to lack of ascension loot) we can’t feed cards to the hero to try for skill levels. The suggestion is to let us feed them cards even if it wastes xp.


Rook, what he’s saying is:

You get a Hero A and B of whatever stars.
You level both and they are max leveled, now your only choice is to ascend them both.
You don’t have the mats to ascend neither of them, but because of luck alone one is 1/8 and the other is 8/8.
There’s nothing you can do to keep working on the 1/8 skill unless you ascend it.

He’s asking that, just like when you reach the max in the last ascension, that you could keep “feeding heroes” to work on the skill side of it.

At this moment the only way to get A to have better skills is to get another A and lvl all the way again.

Allowing that won’t change the luck at it is, won’t change mechanic, would just make it possible to work on a hero even when you are stuck without the ascension mats.


Yeah; he and I disagree. Prolly for different reasons.

Edit: As I said before, I see a difference in power between 3* (which are relatively easy to obtain and lvl up) and 4/5* which are not. I think the game has this difference in multiple places (including lvling/ascension).


This has nothing to do with the power difference between cards.

The current system is severely flawed as it overpunishes those who weren’t lucky.

Eg. we have two players one each with, say, Marjana. Both players are stuck on asc. level 2 and both are missing all four hidden blades. It might take several weeks for both players to gather said hidden blades.

Most importantly, both players used 10/10 2* cards to get where they are…

Player A has her on 8/8 skill
Player B has her on 2/8

Player B was unlucky, even though he used 10/10 red cards, and now has no means to progress the skill, whereas he would have so many cards and so many food which he could surrender to the case, but he can’t. Even if he had, it could still mean he’d need to burn lots and lots of cards and ham before he got 8/8.

In the sense of getting the hidden blades, both players have equal opportunity, and that is fair.
But in the sense of getting the skill even, Player B is screwed, and that is unfair.

Player B accepts that he wasn’t unlucky, as such is the nature of luck, and he wouldn’t complain to have to burn more resources to get even with Player A. BUT HE CAN’T!

As if the waiting for the proper ascension loot alone wasn’t bad enough.


Hmmm. You have argued well. I withdraw. :wink:


How about this: you have the option to “reset” your card, i.e. undo all leveling and ascensions as if you just got it, and start over.


Would that drop their stats back to the beginning as well? Why or why not? Justify please…


Yeah it would be like a brand new card. The “justification” is you’d get another chance to level it up and get the special skill up to 8 as well.

Obviously it would be better if the devs let you keep leveling it even it it wasn’t fully ascended, but it seems clear that they don’t want to make things too easy or convenient for us, so I’m suggesting this as a slightly harsher alternative.


That’s just unfair that I would have to descart all my effort because I had bad luck. It’s not only about the mats and energy and food on it, it’s also the sacrifice to not be able to use it while I’m relevling it. Lvling a double one is better than that idea.


If you need $10 and somebody offers you $5 or nothing, you take the $5.