Let Us Flee Anytime

One of my only pet peeves in this game is that I cannot flee if I have already lost.

What I mean is that maybe you’re making one last match in hopes of a lucky outcome… And then you lose to 5 heroes doing specials in sequence including time consuming heals.

As soon as I make my turn the game determines I have lost, and once I realize I try to flee, but can’t because I’ve lost. I am forced to watch my animated doom. I realize it might not even save me time…

I don’t like it. Let me flee.

You could have fled before making a match. You decided to take a chance, but it didn’t work this time.

Fleeing after losing would be like buying a lottery ticket then asking for refund after it turned out you didn’t win.

I also agree with fleeing as it is not amusing nor isn’t fun to watch your animated doom.

Your comparison with the refund I believe isn’t a good one. I would say that after paying for a lottery ticket and watching the results come out would be a better comparison. Meaning after the 6th number rolls out and you dont have any of them, then chances are you won’t have the last number either (depending if you lottery is a 6 or 7 number lottery ticket). So you have the option of turning off the tv n not watch the ending of the lottery results!

We’ve already accepted the lose! We chosen an uphill raid battle (or paid for a lottery ticket), but we have the right to not watch the ending if we so choose. We are not complaining about the loss!

Exactly. It’s a small thing. It’s probably not worth developer time, but it’s a small thing that bugs me.

That’d only be an accurate analogy if we got our energy back when we flee. Flee is just lose now instead of wait to lose.

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It seems I misunderstood your request, thought you meant undo that step, not only get rid of the animation. My bad! The analogy doesn’t stand for the animation.

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