Let the players personally choose the classes for their Heroes

Would be nice to have that feature to personally choose the class for HotM or even every hero, if they’ll be maxed.

That would spread variety and the heroes would become a little more unique.

+1 for this, I like this idea, I can not vote because limit.

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I would love this idea! It’s already so rare to get a 5* hero and now it’s even more rare to get a 5* hero that isn’t in a class you already have.

Gathering emblems takes a long time. If I want to be competitive, I can’t have two of the same class because I can’t collect emblems quick enough to level both up.

It’s just an added restriction. I, just like everyone else, really really want the February HOTM but I need Guin to be as tanky as possible too. I can’t afford to reset emblems on my guin tank but I’d need JF to be emblemed to boost his DoE attack. It sucks when you have to be even more selective over already super rare heroes

They wont let us do that lol. Everybody would just turn Mother North to a rogue.


Really cool BUT would end up in overpowered combination of heroes.

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Or a fighter :grin:
Resurrection for everyone!!

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That would make the Trial Quests way too easy because then you can spread your classifications around to maximize your strength for better results. Small Giant would never allow that. They want you to keep spending your money on the summons to land that elusive 5-star hero of a specific class and element that would complete your team for that Trial quest that keeps kicking your tail.

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