Let’s take a minute to appreciate Caedmon

Finally got a caedmon, maxing him out before I level my horghall. Have skittles and Mel but I’m not really a fan of either

Horgal ! Lol don’t level him xD
Save the AMs for better 5☆

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Mel is very useful and you can never have enough healers. I would do him before skittle or horghall.

I had both and skittle became food. Horg is still around but not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Chao is a little underwhelming I think. His mana cut can be useful but it’s not super game altering. I find that unless you follow up with further mana reduction, the 25% you peel off is replenished immediately after using him. Whereas dispell all enemy buffs is just always good.

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Maybe the 3* fast hitters?

Bane, Valen, Berden, Tyrum

Good in defence, great in attack, great on titans.

All have good skills beyond their fast strikes

And all 4 handle the 3* / 4* crossover period well

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Caedmon: I don’t always like gamers, but when I do, I prefer those from Empires and Puzzles. Slay those Titans, my friends.

Empires and Puzzles asks you to puzzle responsibly.


Lmao … laughing loud in office and people thinking I am a mad man now.

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This guy is looking just Cead xD
@SWEG and this too:

Lmao … funny for me enough to re laugh xD


What about Sonja??
I think her skill is same as Caed has.

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@Arghakutim3 Is right, I feel I can’t appreciate Caedmon without also giving kudos to Sonya

Even though Caedmon has a better attack and health stat, Sonya should be apart of this too. I always feel so bad for her, always getting outshined and out favored by Caedmon. Poor Sonya…

Though, I have to be honest, I like Caedmon a little more (shhh, don’t tell Sonya I said that)


@RandaPandah yupp but for now i just have Sonja and she is awesome too.
Same case with Grimm outshines Tiburtus or Gormek.

I agree, she is awesome. I had her way before I ever had Caedmon, so I never understood the clear favoritism that people had for the man until I got one of my own. He is slightly better, but Sonya usually lives longer so idk I like em both, just not equally :wink:

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It’s interesting. I love them both.

But when i see Sonya in defence there is a small groan that I don’t do with Caeds. I just find her slightly harder to kill. She seems to have that edge that Grimm has over the other pulverisers. IMHO


Plus one. Should have responded to this post, not ur other one. Lol

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There is nothing like a re-laugh

Ur re-laugh, made me re-laugh at ur first post.


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Sonya is good too but there are several reasons I don’t place her in the same league as Caed. The main one being that there are a lot of really good blue 4* heroes and sonya doesn’t crack the top 3. She doesn’t hit as hard as Caedmon. She does have better defense, that’s true. But then we come back to the fact that she’s unimpressive in attack and solid in defense; that’s not the epitome of balance as I called Caedmon. The reason I’m appreciating Caedmon in this post is because he’s good at everything without being too good. He’s a competitor in every aspect without being overpowered. Caedmon and sonya are far from twins.

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Caedmon was the last 4* I had on my raid defense. Heck, that month I used him was the only time I ever had a rainbow lineup.

His strength is his “surviveability”. His special plays into that well.

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No man … Grimm is a beast just like Tiburtus.
Gormek aint hitting the hard way they do.

If you have Cead you wont find her slightly harder to kill … Cead will take care of the pretty lady for ya :wink:

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I have 3 Sonyas. All sitting at 1/1 still. I guess she could be useful in war someday?

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