Let’s speak about Thorne


But he isn’t the only one. We should refresh this topic from time to time…


Wow, so much comments, i didnt expect so much feedback, thx a lot to all💚

Is Thorne now worth leveling up now that talent is released? What could be the best talent route for him?

I have Thorne maxed and honestly prefer to use Triton over Thorne.
Even though he strong defense he is for some reason the first one knocked out most times. Great when you can get his mana up but that rarely happens making him a weak hero.

Triton far outweighs him and ladt much longer.

I agree this should be looked at and maybe even degraded to a 4* at least then he would maybe become useful.

Maybe with the talent he may work but is he worth the trouble.

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What if Thorne did extra damage to Target and/or nearby if they have minions?

At least Thorne is great when I face him in a raid defense team.

But yes, he should either have a secondary effect, a higher attack stat, higher special damage or simply fast mana.

He is one of the most impressive looking Blue heroes, yet he is pretty useless as he is now

I know Thornes reputation is garbage. He was the first blue 5* i maxed on my main account and, of course, shortly after, i landed Athena.

However, after playing with him for 6 months or so, i am of the opinion that hes not nearly as bad as folks make out. If you are ftp or near-ftp, such as myself, you cant always be picky about how or when to spend ur ascension mats. ANY maxed hero can be useful in the right circumstance and even more so with a positive board. He does a fairly hefty amount of raw damage even with his sub-par attack stat. And fired after another blue hero like the aforementioned Grimm, or Isarnia, or Athena, and he certainly will wipe away one or multiple partially damaged heroes.

You can find a use for any hero, even the oft-maligned Thorne. :wink: Happy hunting all!


So been a defender of Thorne for some time… I’m done with that… just wanted to share my enjoyment… so I have been running Kiril Frida Thorne for a long time… got mangi (everyone said he was AWESOME…so I lvl him up) ehhh he hit for 900 to 1 hero while Thorne hit 400.750.400… I like that better so magni sat on bench most of the time… but then something changed… got magni costume… omg Kiril attack up magni defense down Frida element down = Thorne hits for 500.1000.500…yup he up to 2k damage to 3 heroes it’s so much fun :slight_smile:

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Definitely. He’s special even looks like 3* Valen’s.

Thorne: mana speed average
Atk 793
Def 638
HP 1339

Deals 480% damage to nearby enemies and minor damage to the target.


We need to talk about Kevin.

I think you have these reversed.

So do people consider him better than Richard then?

I would rather change him into something interesting. Like give him these abilities in beta and leave the other things as is and see how he performs.

The caster counterattacks with 170% of the damage received for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

The caster gets +48% attack for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Counterattack was mentioned above but that suggestion was too tame. Would make him an average Obakan. If this version makes him appear in the tank spot then yay for blue. Start with that and take him through 5 beta builds and something balanced should pop out.

Sorry I just quickly copied and pasted my idea of a rework for thorne from my beta application thread post it’s a very uninspired update but it would be interesting to test out nonetheless.

Give him a water DOT, make him a TC20 Gravemaker clone, blue. At that point you only have Red and Green left for GM clones.

That would be awesome. He could give nearby allies +30% DEF against nature for 3 turns instead of sharing the damage taken also.

4 turns of water damage would be a quick solution too…

Target and nearby allies get -30% defense to contrast with Richard, who reduces attack…

Nearby allies get +24% mana generation… or allies get -24% mana generation for 3 turns…

The possibilities of making an usable here are various.

Thorne gets a lot of crap, but he is pretty good now since his last buff. He hits for more total damage than Lianna…if he’s emblemed you cannot sleep on him as he will really hurt you. With costume boosts he will be formidable.

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While I wouldn’t exactly call him good, I agree that he is definitely not a hero to be trifled with. There are quite a few non-vanilla heroes like Perseus or Thoth which are significantly worse than Thorne (both on offence and defence).

Thorne is an okay hero and the scopes are definitely not wasted on him if you don’t have many options in blue. He does not need another buff but I would be happy to see a nice costume for him in the next iteration :grinning:

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Y’know, I’m curious if they’ll buff him (the base hero) when they start working on his costume too. I’m curious how they’d go about that. All he’d need, imo, would be a defense debuff applied to those he “freezes” with his wide swipe.

I will laugh, though, if they give his costume water damage. “Tsunami Finisher”

Thorne is already the best hero in the game. If they buff him anymore every team will just be Thornes and that will get boring

All Glory to Thorne

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