Let’s speak about Thorne

I want to tell you about hero Thorne.
This hero looks like a 4* hero with high defense.
If we compare with other regular heroes 5*, we can see that this hero is the weakest of all the heroes of ice. Why not upgarde this hero for example add him to increase defense or attack,attack he have is less than all another ice heroes 5*, or as Richard, to remove the attack from the enemy, or hang debuff enemies.Apparently by all the polls, this hero is not bad as a tank, but the same Richard, will be better than him. Damage of stones weaker that compensate by his ultimate skill, but still, this is not enough for a hero 5*.i think to add him bufs or any debufs to enemies. Or add him buff for attack. Do you have any better ideas how to improve it?

I like the idea of improving Thorne as he is my only blue 5*. :slight_smile:
I’d like him to have a defense debuffing like Isarnia, but for affected 3 heroes. Say -35% for 6 turns. It will be less than Isarnia’s special, but together with his average mana speed and high defense and health it will make him a good tank, I think.

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No, he is bad even as tank!

Could you post your opinion even here, for more views?

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Thx, i will post, give me some time)

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I’d like to redesign Thorne as a real tank.

Deal 330% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
The caster gains +45% defense.
Nearby allies share 50% of damage taken with the caster.


For balance i think, he needs buf for attack. To compenaste his low damage.

Just drop his def stats by 100 and up his attack stats by 100 and he is ready to go


Make him single target and fast or very fast mana

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Yeah, agree, they need to make Thorne’s mana to be fast or very fast to compensate on his low attack.

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He might be able to kill off a bunch of lower leveled heroes with his special. But for a special ability called Icecold Finisher, it doesn’t really “finish” a lot of higher tiered opponents, it seems.


Give him a buff or debuff with his special and he’s fine.

leave defense as he is. give him +100 attk, give him a enemy debuff like sonya.

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Nice idea i think…

Lot of good ideas here. IMO, Simply making him fast Mana and leaving everything else the same would be a massive improvement on its own. As he is, he sucks. I have 6 scopes waiting but can’t justify wasting them to get him to 4/80, I’m trying desperately to get another blue 5 to elevate.


I think that simple change of his mana speed will not be enough to add Thorne’s value. All valuable 5* have useful “post effects” like buffing allies or debuffing enemies, not just a stronger hit or more health.

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Agreed, but a multi-hit hero at fast Mana is not something to overlook. Most fast Mana hits are single shot heros. What makes Gravemaker and Drake A-level heros is both their effects and their Mana speed combined with the fact that they hit multiple heros. Adding the fast Mana doesn’t make him fantastic, but it at least makes him useful. Right now, it’s hard to argue that he’s even that.

If you make him fast mana it for sure would make him viable as you have indicated. He inflicts a solid amount of damage when he fires.

@SuuriKoira Lianna isn’t valuable? She only inflicts damage on a single target and is fast mana and widely viewed positively. Thorne on fast mana would cause plenty of havoc.


OK. You are right. Liana has 512% of special damage with a fast mana speed and high tile damage as well as a high enough defense. I was under the impression that she also reduced attack of an affected enemy, but I was wrong (false memory).

That would be a sweet buff for her :slight_smile:

You were thinking about her as a 5* Berden? :stuck_out_tongue:

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