Let’s make SGG more money

After 110 summons and No hotm I was looking for, or any of the new 4* Valhalla heroes I was looking for in the last 30 summons…

I couldn’t convince myself to drop 100 dollars for 30 more chances to be disappointed, I want guaranteed 5s after a certain number of 5.

That’s what I want to see in the game most of all, but what I want isn’t what everyone else wants so…

What’s the one thing that if added would lead to you spending more on the game?

Please don’t argue back and forth. Just share what would make you spend more on the game, your single most desired feature.

Who knows maybe we can make a list that @Petri can pass along and will be implemented because it’s directly tied to increased spending.


More opportunities for 4* ascension mats is what I am looking for. I have a roster full of 5*'s, but cannot ascend them to their final tier because of the extreme rarity of 4* ascension mats.


No, let’s not.

20 greedy companies


Only one thing – needing a few more pulls to reach the pity counter could tempt me to buy a few gems. Otherwise, there is nothing that would tempt me to spend more than the little I do now.


Be able to choose a specific hero from a portal (to include ToL and event portals) and implement a pity counter towards that specific hero. Counter is only active while that portal is active.


I propose:

Make 6* heroes
Make 5* troops
Make 5* ascensions mats

I support! For about 3 years I have always had a problem with the tome of tactics and I only get it from events. And here 5 * that are waiting for her - all on 3/70.


Single feature? That’s a tough one. I have quite a few suggestions. SG hates all of them. Half the forum also hate most of them.

But here goes. I haz picked one out of several that might actually make sense to some people here.

Completely ridiculous idea.

So-called “Epic” Hero Tokens should only summon epic and above heroes. No rares.

It’s a small change, and likely won’t make a huge impact overall (to either overall player satisfaction or to SG’s total profit margin). But it would be a good start.


There is a thread for a pity counter here:

There is a thread asking for more ascension materials here:

There is a thread for 6* heroes here:

Here’s a link for 5* troops:

Honestly, I see most these ideas in the forum and if you have a new idea, the place to post it should be the Ideas & Feature Requests category. That’s also the place to support ideas.

I’m tempted to close this thread asa duplicate. Can someone give me a reason to keep it open?


This is exactly the same thing I would be willing to spend some more money :+1:


There is a thread for this idea too.


I’d rather like to have a guaranteed 4* mat after every 10th pull.


I’d settle for QOL improvement. Give me a collect all resource button, please!

I kinda thought it was more of a rant than anything else.


I would pay more if I had more frequent means to give gifts to my alliance. (I mean like the Valentine gifts)

I would like to support SGG but my gaming philosophy is to avoid paying for things that provide me with advantage in the game. (I did pay for cosmetics but this route gets pointless very fast)



I would like a reset button for ascension materials that I have spent on useless heroes. Thorne was my first and only blue 5* for ages and I would happily take him back to 1/1 if I could get back those telescopes.


Simplifying would certainly greatly decrease the sense of exhaustion I feel with the game at times. POV did not add a lot to what I already do in-game, but S2, S3, Atlantis Rises, Costumes, Tournaments, Class Quests, those all certainly have.

Wouldn’t make me spend any more though.

… Because

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What I want to know is why my £10 only gets me the same as someone’s $10? My money is worth more if you look at the exchange rates, but it doesn’t get me anymore.

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