Let’s just make every hero the same (sarcasm intended)

All I see anymore are posts about nerfing this or that hero and buffing this or that hero. Thanks to SG giving in on this mess now everyone wants to jump in on the excitement of screwing up another hero. So let’s just make them all the same. Same stats, same special skill, same mana speed, same class. That way no one will complain. :person_facepalming:t2:


Learn how to use the tools you’ve got. Learn how to mix your roster together to build teams to take on each hero you may come across.

If your F2P, no problem. But get more creative in your set ups. Don’t ask for others heroes to get nerfed because eventually it’ll happen to you. And once that shoe is on your foot you won’t be happy about it.

If you are P2P then don’t rag on the F2P because they get frustrated about an uphill battle. Yes, they make the choice to be F2P just as you make the choice to be P2P. But be helpful instead of condescending.

But overall, stop asking for Nerfs and Buffs! These heroes are not the same for a reason.


You want to make it purely skill based? Imagine the uproar!


Aife should be the only hero in the game!


I was thinking Dawa should be the only hero in the game


Ironically, Dawa is the only hero that objectively MUST be buffed as she has an IDENTICAL special to two other heroes (ishtaak and Kiril) but has a LOWER damage %

And the other two now have costumes.

I can’t think of any other hero that has an identical special other than lower damage and no secondary effect.


It should be just like those moba games (dota-lol) , there should be soooo much nerfs and buffs , people should read updates to see which hero is in his/her golden age then bam , hero “X” can be flank now and hero “y” is no longer can be wing etc…

When are the next set of costumes coming? Obakan, Marjana, Khagan, could really benefit from costumes.

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No word yet, but yes I’d love to see Thorne get mana block and Obakan’t get mana cut and then they’d suddenly be useful

Adding variety increases the game enjoyment.
But also continually increases the difficulty of maintaining balance.
And when balance gets severely damaged, then variety plummets, along with enjoyment…

What you said is accurate with a slight adjustment:

They HAVE made every defense the same!
and people ARE complaining

Heroes can be different
Without being overwhelming powerful

But navigating this delicate balance is
A continuous and difficult process…
Hence the change log, which is
riddled with buffs and nerfs since the beginning!

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Agree with most of your post, only part I have to disagree with is that F2P “made the choice” to be F2P.

My budget kind of made that choice for me. :laughing:


Obakan spec Def down!

That would be decent, give c.tibs a bit of competition.

And maybe make him a rogue? Fighter?

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Hmm, Paladin or Fighter

Good idea. Solves the Summon problem, too! Every pull has a 100% chance of getting the best Hero in the game!

While we’re at it, get rid of the Elements as well. No bad boards if there’s only one colour! And, hey, presto! No more bad beats. The attacker wins every time, as God intended.

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Well said my young apprentice! :joy:

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I’d love to see Obakan cast his counterattack to himself and nearby. Give him 150% damage to all or 220% to the target and nearby, and the counter attack to himself and nearby at a flat 100% return. His fast mana With that would make his costume extremely useable.

Thorne would be great with a mindless attack as that would follow what happened to him in the story line of the game.

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That would be a decent costume, but you’re confusing him with Commander Grey in the story.
BUT Thorne’s costume COULD BE Commander Grey!!!

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I thought Thorne was basically Commander Grey. Been so long since doing the story but they seemed so similar. Thought that was the point of creating Thorne in the first place. :thinking:

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