Let’s go raiding: 4 star set team challenge

So here’s the challenge: pick a team of four star heroes that you enjoy playing with. Go raiding, taking on all teams that pop up (no rerolls!). I managed 5 wins in 11 with this team:

A few of the losses were close. Several were not close :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But it was definitely entertaining!


I don’t play my main account these days but I might try to revive it for a bit to see how I go with this challenge.

I did something similar a while back with a 4* and Tree team - it worked really well - but this was pre Tree nerf. Tree is still great but not quite good enough to hang with 4*s in something like this now.

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If would be nice to know at what cups you are raiding at.


Yes, that is an important question. I am currently raiding at 2650-2850 level. I have to use mono 4* raid team to get some wins.


yeah I don’t even do the POV challenges for this because I drop so many cups.

As for the challenge I need some time to level my black friday gets.
I think it would be more fun do teams that were best against the opponent instead of a single team, really need to color stack against their stongest.

Sounds like an interesting game challenge. I’m in. Once I start up the game today. :laughing:

There were those 4* only raid challenges in POV, but would be interesting to see how sustainable it will be.

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Here are 5 quick raids. Wasnt happy with my choice in first raid where i fudged a matchup i should have won so changed a hero but after that stuck with the same team.

I think it should be allowed to change teams based on the defense… sometimes you need a dispeller, sometimes a minion counter.

Result 3/5… but i did get a couple of wins my team didnt really have a right to win

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I am usually in the 2600s but am down in the 2500s currently. It varies a lot depending on how actively I am raiding (or raiding to win!)


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My idea was to see what kind of “general” four star teams we can field, but you can certainly change it up if you prefer. I don’t make the rules around here-I leave that to @Dudeious.Maximus :wink:

4 and 2

Cups are lower than normal currently as not been raiding as much

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Had a go using raid revenges, but only got a few pictures and missed the first one. Went a rainbow 4* team, and managed a 5-1 win/loss record. Mind you, some on the revenge raids didn’t have great defences. I should redo this by using the raid button for that additional layer of RNG.

Out of interest though, this is the team I decided to try out:

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Had another try. 4 of the heroes are the staple - Tree, Proteus, Junaid and Gulli. The last varies between C Mel, C Sabina, C Rig, C Gormek depending on the defense.

Did 4/6 this time. One thing that has slightly surprised me is how viable Tree still is at this level, even post nerf. He is quite the equaliser.


I like watching Sabina and Proteus work together. They can really shut things down!

Recepee for success:

Preparation phase (pre challenge)

Step 1 - reroll until you find a cupdropper. Don’t attack them! Stop rerolling.
Step 2 - set up a 5 x 1/1 Aife defense team.
Step 3 - let it roll for 48 -72 hours, with no raiding what so ever. Additional perk - don’t collect watchtower resources during this.


Pick a 4* team of choice and go raiding, (first strike on the pre set cup dropper), no rerolls. If defense was changed, wait for them to cupdrop again.

Result - 11 out of 11 guaranteed wins…

Challenge terms 100% respected (4* team, no rerolls) results 100% efficiency, effort 0.