Let leader give rewards


I have 30 members but only 19 are hitting the titan i have every thing i can think of to get the non hitter to participate in hitting titan to no avail i feel that if leader can award there top hitting member the rest will see that and they to will try to hit the titan so they to can be awared like for example these reward can come from our own inventory so no cost to the dav/staff so please consider this request i really hate punishing members by demoting and booting i rather reward the hard workers and let the rest see what they can get if they to work hard to


The main objection I have to this is that an optional system like this becomes almost cumpulsory. Over a few weeks/months the mentality will shift from “good/generous leaders give extra rewards” to “bad/stingy leaders don’t give rewards.” Leaders have enough extra hassle with minimal benefits already. I wouldn’t want to add “give away a good item every day” to their responsibilities.

The next question is what you give as rewards that will be worthwhile. In many (most?) alliances, the top hitter isn’t looking for more chain shirts and tall boots. They’re looking for hidden blades, compasses, and other Titan-only drops. I can’t imagine a leader parting with one of those each day. You can also have hurt feelings if someone gets a “better” reward item.

Ultimately it sounds like you know the real solution here and just don’t want to do it. Can I ask why you don’t want to kick people who don’t participate? Killing Titans is literally the only gameplay function of alliances. Anyone who isn’t hitting is dead weight that is actively harming your other players by taking up a spot that could go to an active player. Going from 19 to 30 active hitters is over a 50% increase in damage done. You could tackle Titans 1-2 stars higher, and every member would have (slightly) better chances at good Titan drops every single day.

The only other benefit of an alliance is assistance and camaraderie. Are these people active in alliance chat? If so, talk to them and explain how they’re hurting the team. If they’re not active in chat and don’t hit the Titan they are literally worthless to your alliance.


While this may sound harsh, it is the truth. If you don’t care, then fine, but if you really want active members and some refuse to be active, then booting them is kinder to the active members. Keep in mind, you are doing what is best for the greatest number of folks.


One way my Alliance has addressed this is by using the Member and Elder ranks. I don’t think there’s any functional difference between the two, it’s just a label. So new players join as Members. If they regularly hit Titans, they get upgraded to Elder. If an Elder misses too many Titans (how many is “too many” will vary from one alliance to another, for us it’s two in a row) they get demoted to a member. If a Member isn’t hitting Titans, they generally get a warning or two before being kicked from the alliance. Exceptions are made if warning is given (“Hey guys, I’ll be on vacation next week so I’ll miss the Titans. Should be back by Monday”).

This way you can build a reputation of being a consistent hitter and if you miss a few days you’re fine. But if you’re constantly missing Titans, we’d rather your spot go to someone who will hit.


You must of course do what is best for your alliance, but you can compare your success to ours:

  • We kick after 2 days inactivity OR 3 consecutive missed Titans (unless they have made arrangements with us beforehand for an absence)

  • We consistently kill 6* and sometimes 7* Titans

  • This last Titan, the only player who didn’t hit was on vacation

  • All players are hitting at their ability

  • Most of our players communicate via alliance-chat, Line, or both.

So judge between yours and mine: Are your players giving their best to your alliance, or are they taking up space? Are they helping to bolster their fellow players or stealing from them? Only you can determine this, with the help of your co-leaders and elders…but I would be kicking folks.


Thats what i been doing demoting and booting method but it still seems to not work i am a training alliance how can i train people if they are not hitting the titan how can i or my other leader help them. I use to allow 8 titan miss but now i put it down to 3 if you are a leader you get demoted to elder and elder to member and member get booted i just do not like punishing member if there was an award system i could implament for top hitter i would like to do that instead it would give all member a goal to hit the titan.


I would assume a Training alliance to have a more relaxed stance: maybe kick after five missed Titans? But honestly, it’s not that hard: We expect X. If you fail to do X, you will be kicked. If they speak English, and want to stay, they know what they have to do. :wink:

EDIT: Fixed my English. Honestly Rook, it’s not hard!! :laughing:


Your right so after 3 misses i will put them on probation and if they continue to miss affer 3 more then they get demoted and booted is that much fairer i hate being mean but i cant afford to be soft either lol being a leader is not an easy job lol you have to balance every thing and keep everyone has happy as you can


The leader’s job is to lead. To set the expectations and boundaries and to be fair and honest with folks. If people are unhappy, they can look elsewhere. :wink:


Agreed. I gave up on leading guilds, etc. in online games years ago. Lots of demands, minimal reward.

I’ve got nothing but respect for you, especially running a newbie alliance, which is probably doubly frustrating. I know it’s hard to kick people, but if they won’t help themselves (and the group) then you’re better off giving the spot to someone who will actually listen to your advice.

Best of luck to you!


If they aren’t willing to participate then how can you train them? If you let these “trainees” do jack then what incentove have your other trainees have to work hard and/or stick around to become trainers themselves?


It is hard to motivate people. The rewarding systems sounds like it could be really Biased.

I introduced a system where active players get elder, inactive member. After too much inactivity the member gets kicked or elder demoted. Elder does have a function too, they can accept new members in invite only, while members can’t. Coleaders can also promote and demote people.

Some alliances are just for fun and don’t require activity. That is cool too, but if you state in rules you want active players and kick inactive ones, you will later end up with a very active alliance.


This would be my concern. To be honest, I do not like this idea and would not want to see it implemented.