Let falling ducks land on villagers for bonus!

We hunt ducks.

We greet the villagers.

Give us the challenge of greeting villagers with a dead duck on their heads!

The ducks would need to descend further, perhaps with a splat sound when they land in the village.

If a player times their duck kills well, the duck would land on the villager’s head.

Perhaps that would generate a bonus of some type.

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I like to drop them in the fiery mouth of my VIP dragon. :fire: :duck:


I just want them to stop quacking when they die and fall from the sky. Somehow they keep taunting me from the grave as their spirits continue travelling over my village making all that racket!


Fry them with your vip dragon to feed your villagers with peking duck.


Only if you’ve upgraded your Advanced Hoisin Storage first :grin: :duck:

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You’d think my builder would become more experienced and take less time to upgrade a house.
Not the case…

He’s unionized on me and now he’s milking it…

no offense @littleKAF

If he gets spooked about ducks falling on his head,
I’ll never get anything done!
Let alone bonus stuff…

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