Lessons learned from SG

  1. Dont speed level and/or limit break a hero that is either too good to be true on paper or according to the forum to be too powerful.

  2. All special offers are geared to get you to spend so you can attempt to pull special heroes that you want or level heroes faster than normal.

  3. The heroes that they nerf are not really OP…because each month they release new heroes stronger than the month before.

  4. Once they nerf heroes they never buff them back to their original released form even tho newer and more powerful heroes are released…even years later i.e (Telluria and Vela).

  5. If SG really cared about their customers (and make no mistake we ALL are customers) they would compensate those who power leveled and LB heroes that were nerfed. Dont even attempt to tell me that they dont know which accounts have supermax LB heroes when for years they’ve all of a sudden dropped a special offer to ascend that one player that was just missing 1 ascension item so it can be leveled and it’ll just cost you $29.99 but of course they would throw in 1000 gems and maybe another item you alread have a plethora of.

This list can go on for days…

The point is…SG has taught many lessons…but what goes around comes around. If these nerfing practices continues with no compensation for those who’ve invested money in leveling heroes that they basically paid money for…there will be lessons taught…and it might just be in the form of a class action lawsuit.

Might not be today…might no be tomorrow…could be years from now …giving ample amount of opportunity for evidence to build…who knows :man_shrugging:t5:


One lesson: caveat emptor

Buyer beware

A much simpler solution :

Either #nospend and continue playing or just uninstall, and move on to something else.

All this talk of class action etc etc. To get compensation for

  1. Gems, say 10,000 = S$148.98 ( my currency)
  2. Ham, say 6.5M = $6.98
  3. Trainer pack = $44.98
  4. Aethers = S$7.50 (for Kalo 4*)
  5. 3AM = S$9.00

About S$217.44

Even if we won the suit, we recoup actual $ spent. There is no interest. To get this, each of us would need to expend at least S$10,000 because Zynga will tie up our suit for as long as they can. They would have an army of lawyers on their side.

Were you expecting extra for “pain & suffering”? That then requires further burden of proof on our part.

This suit would not be about chemical poisoning and related side effects, or anything in a similar vein where negligence, wilful or otherwise, can be proven with greater ease. That is easier to prove. Medical science would be on our side. Plus we have all the medical bills to prove our claims.

If you are this upset with ZYNGA/SGG, just uninstall the game and walk away after W3K and this war.

Your exit will be captured in their beloved DAU n MAU metrics. Along with others who have exited as well.

If you choose not to spend, that will be reflected in their monthly revenue reports. You may think that your spend is insignificant. It is not.

As long as the #nospend group is big enough, the impact will be felt. And soon enough.

Imagine 100,000 players withholding US$20 each.
That works out of US$2m per month foregone.


Don’t chase heroes. Don’t level up new crew for two weeks.

Just two weeks to flatten the nerph curve.

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If people stop overspending to get a single hero this could be avoided. Yes kalo should have been properly assessed and tested before launch but when a 4* hero does thay kind of damage you have to know he qont remain in the same state.

Ultimately those that overspent to get him did so at their own peril especially when a 4* is better than most 5* even the 5* that were in the same portal.

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Lessons learnt

  1. Stop being silly billy and spending money

  2. Find ‘like-minded’ people and connect with them

  3. Killing 5* titans can be as cool as taking down *13-*14 titans !! Change your perspective

Enjoy !

And if you are not enjoying anymore, just delete!

Life is too short and this is just a game


Well said. I’m shifting hard into the camp of reducing spending/stopping completely.

I have been on the receiving end of Odin,telluria, Frigg, and kalo nerfs.

It’s been….great. Lol.

I made a different list talking about restoring heroes back to their original power once stronger heroes than the original power come into the game…let’s see if they listen.

@petri @Staff_SGG

Throw us a bone, restore back the heroes you nerfed.

They are unquestionably not op anymore in the current meta. Do right by your player base. Care .00001%

Uninstall the app, plant a food garden and never look back.

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Set a monthly budget that you won’t regret, let it be $10,000 or $100 or $0 and most importantly, stick to it.

If you keep telling yourself that the heroes from this event are so good and I have to spend a bit more above the usual budget, then you are exactly the type of players that SG is trying to maximize their revenue from.

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My lesson learned: this game is just a way to pass the time, and I’ve already earned lots from hanging out with my alliance family and cool people on the forum

We all have our ups and downs, in the end it’s just a bunch of pixels. That does not negate my joy of course when I score big on a Titan or pull a great hero, but the downs will also come and I’ll do a 10-pull with only s1 4* as my best result.

This game isn’t worth getting angry about for long, though I will allow myself to be annoyed and to vent.

Most important thing is to enjoy :slight_smile:

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The most powerful move is to stop spending & enjoy the game as is.
This will put pressure on them to modify their approach. No amount of suggestions, requests, etc will help.
As long as consumers (players) keep spending despite their unfair practices, they get the message that 'what we are doing is fine & our customers accept this’

I stopped spending after Krampus nerf & don’t have many of the new heroes (S5/Gargoyles/etc) but maintain a cup level of 2600-2700 (this getting me diamond category loot)
I am happy with that.
Have made peace that I may not have the latest & the best heroes but am learning to better synergize with the heroes that I have & do manage to give the newer bunch a tough time.

The other way is full of heartaches - keep spending (often times overspending) for renting out heroes that remain Take-2/Zynga/SG property & then have a heartache & sense if being cheated when they nerf the hero.

My 2¢ worth