Less success defending with Isarnia out for Kiril?

Hey guys, looking for a bit or help / opinions on this one.

My team up until about a week ago looked like this;

Melendor (4/70) - Isarnia (3/70) - Gravemaker (3/70) - Joon (3/70) - Sartana (3/70) = TP ~3560+

I had reasonable raid success and my defence usually kept me around 2150-2200 trophies. Recently I thought that I could do with an extra healer on my defense team… I thought as Sartana is a beast, and Isarnia’s mana generation is slow, I thought she was the weaker link for me to swap her out for a maxed Kiril.

My team now looks like this;

Melendor (4/70) - Kiril (4/70) - Gravemaker (3/70) - Joon (3/70) - Sartana (3/70) = TP ~3540+

However I’m finding I’m getting more offline defeats… Dropping me down to around the 2000-2100 trophy level.

What am I doing wrong? Any thoughts?

If you loose more with Kiril instead of Isarnia, then put Isarnia back into your defence.

If I were to venture a guess I’d say that Kiril in 2nd or 4th spot isnt super effective or scary. While Isarnia (if she goes off) hurts pretty bad.

Maybe try this setup if you want to keep running 2x healers

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Yeah, I guess the issue is I have no way of seeing how often Isarnia’s special went off… I know when I’ve faced it it’s a killer for sure.

Thanks for your input, I’ve switched to your recommended setup, will see how it goes…