Less players in war = double disadvantage

Hi “SG”,

We were doing some calculations today as we were matched to an opponent with 21 players while we had 20 participants in war. As we see it, we were in a double disadvantage as we:

  1. Had six flags less, and
  2. Could gain less points per flag on average.

Basically, for both teams it takes 1,520 to flip the board (I believe that’s the standard, right ?).

However, they had 21 opponents, giving their players an average value of 1,520/21=72.33.
The average worth for our players was1,520/20= 76.0 points.

Now, when we use all our flags, we could have a maximum of 6x20x72.33=8,680 points.

When they use all their flags, they could obtain a maximum of 6x21x76=9,576.

That’s a whole (9,586-8,680=) 894 points difference in our disadvantage!

In order to correct this, I believe that you should let go of the fixed number of points required to flip the board and instead correct the average worth per player by (in our case) 21/20.

The value of their players would then have been 76/20x21=79.8 and would make it possible for us to obtain a total amount of 79.8x120=9,576, equal to the total amount the opponents could have gotten.

Curious as to your response, but in our opinion it is a bug/incorrect programming.

Btw, we won anyway :slight_smile:

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Grats on the win!

Twenty grats.


Yes, you are at a dissadvantage with 6 flags less. And yes, their teams are worth a few more points.

But you’re AW powers are surely similar for such a pairing to be made, meaning your alliance members have better or more heros and troops.

This should make your teams harder to kill tham theirs, thus making your “points” harder to get.

Like you said, you guys won. So it cant have been that bad of a matchup :slight_smile:


They actually penalize the matchup a bit, meaning the smaller alliance has to have an even higher score to get paired. So they should be noticeably stronger. Whether that equates to harder to kill defences is a much less obvious question, since the boost for your strongest 5 heroes isn’t enormous, near as we can tell.


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